Chapter 96.

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"Say something, I'm giving up on you
And I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you
And anywhere, I would have followed you
Say something, I'm giving up on you"


"I think Abby is really starting to come out of her shell, she almost fits in here" Jimmy points out, watching Abby dance with Sophie from where we are sat on the couch.

I keep my eyes on her, just like I have pretty much all night since she got here with Sophie, it's been three days since she went and saw David, and after what I put her through with how I acted after we found my frames smashed on the ground I wanted her to have a fun night out.

I've just been sat here with Jimmy, making sure no one goes near her and Steve is on nanny duty at home with Ludo, which he volunteered to do - another Ru Paul finale and all that.

She has the day off tomorrow, so I told her to go meet up with Sophie and get dressed up and meet me at the club when they were ready. I know she's barely gotten to see Sophie and I don't want it to stay like that - she needs more friends like that.

Sophie even said hello to me, and she didn't threaten me. I think I'm winning her over slowly.

It's important that she at least wants to tolerate me. Someone that's important to Abby is important to me.

Besides, if it wasn't for Sophie I never would have met Abby - I owe her my vital organs at this point.

"I don't know if that's a good thing though. I don't want her to fit in here, it's not who she is"  I say, frowning as I watch Abby and Sophie jump around and dance like idiots; but it's making my heart so that weird thing again where it feels tight in my chest.

It's like it's being choked but inflating at the same time, floating up into my throat and ringing in my ears.

She looks so happy.

I'd do anything to keep that look on her forever, she's the one that taught me what it looks like... What it feels like.

I owe Abby the most out of anyone.

"Well did she tell you that's not who she is?" Jimmy asks, sipping on his drink as he leans back on the couch and I flick my eyes to him and he's got one of those damn knowing looks on his face; like I'm full of shit.

"No - but she's not like us" I tell him, my brows creasing deeper "I don't want to change her. She doesn't need to fit in. She's fine how she is"

Jimmy rolls his eyes, placing his drink down "That's not what I meant dickhead. I don't think you're changing her - I think she's just becoming who she really is"

"And who is that?" I ask, cocking a brow at him.

Jimmy grins, looking proud as punch "A bad bitch"

"Don't call her a bitch" I scowl and Jimmy only rolls his eyes again.

"It's a compliment you nerd, Jesus you've gotten sensitive these past few months. Bitch was your favourite word for women not that long ago don't forget"

"...Well it shouldn't have been. I shouldn't have called them that" I say, showing no sign of hesitation in my voice.

Jimmy pulls his face back and stares at me like I just randomly spoke fluent French for the first time in my life.

"I thought you weren't doing drugs anymore?" he says, acting like that's the only explanation for what I just said.

I thump him up the side of the head, and he smacks my hand away; giving my shoulder a rough shove.

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