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We lay in silence, the only audible sound was the squeaking of the old trampoline from beneath us at every slight movement. I wasn't entirely sure what the time was, but then again, I didn't really care. I had my best friend lying next to me during the early hours of the morning, I'm assuming that we're going to watch the sunrise at this rate, If she manages to stay awake that is.

Her Hazel eyes were becoming droopy from the lack of sleep we endured, but she wasn't going without a fight. Her dark brown hair was sprawled out into a messy halo around her head. She looked so beautiful...

"Stop it." She whispered into the empty air.

"Stop what?" I grinned, trying my best to get under her skin.

"Staring at me! You little creep!" A smile grew across her face, but her eyes remained on the fading night sky.

The silence soon engulfed us once again after that; a comfortable silence. I watched st the night sky transformed into a beautiful shade of blue, I had never found dark blue a nice colour until now; I think I have a new favorite colour.

"Luke?" I heard her faintly whisper when the sky became a soft orange colour.

"Yeah?" I mumbled tiredly.

"Want to make a promise?"

I turned to face her, but once again, her eyes were distracted by something above us.

"What kind of promise?" I softly smiled.

"Don't laugh okay?" She sighed. "Just promise me that you'll never become dependant on someone else."

I didn't understand what she meant to be completely honest. I stared at Madelyn in confusion.

"You know, expect a person to make you happy. Don't do it, please." She explained. "It makes me sick seeing people being so dependant. I believe you need to be happy with yourself."

"Madelyn, that is so weird." I admitted, resting my hands behind my head while staring at the freshly pink sky.

"Just promise Lucas!" Maddie laughed, I knew it was forced, but I decided against mentioning it.

"Fine, whatever. Anything to make you happy." I mumbled as I held my pinkie out for her.

We both stared silently at the blue sky with our pinkies intertwined.

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