♛ Chapter 29, Box of Love

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♛ Chapter 29, Box of Love

"Lavina..." Ciel gently taps my shoulder, then shakes it quickly. I can feel his gentle touch, his warm hand. My head is lying down on his lap, and I think I'm drooling. I groaned and murmured, "I want candy..."

   Three hours straight, I have been sitting here with Ciel for three hours straight. Sebastian is our coachman for today, so the only one he's going to talk to are the horses. If he speaks horse.

"You can have one when we return back home." Said Ciel sighing after.

I hugged him by the waist and looked at his red, tomato face, "I know you have candy with you..."

"N-no!" He replied in defense.

"Yes." I said calmly while searching in his pocket. He takes my hand off his pocket, "But this is mine..." he said taking the last candy, "fine, you can have it."

  I blushed in shame, "If you really want it, you can have it, Ciel!" Ciel unwraps the candy and threw the candy wrapper away, "Open your mouth." He ordered.

      I gulped and did what he said so, I opened my mouth a little as he placed the candy in my mouth; once he placed it in, I closed it and he took off his black gloves showing his feminine like hands. He encased his right hand around my chin, bringing my face closely to his, and slowly with his left hand he touched my lips with his soft thumb. He rubbed his thumb on my lower lip gently, while he was blushing insanely. I can feel the butterflies in my tummy fluttering around, "C-Ciel...?" I stuttered his name.

     "What flavor is it?" He asked parting away. He coughed fakely, clearing his throat. It was cute.

       "C-chocolate..." I answered covering my eyes with my bangs, "Thank you, Ciel." I lied my head on his shoulder.

      I felt his hand snaked around my waist, he gave me a little hug. I didn't know what he did though, did he kissed the top of my head or did he sniffed it, "You're welcome..."

"Which reminds me..." I slid my hand in my pocket and took the small box that the Queen gave me, "the Queen gave me this..."

I opened the box and saw a charm bracelet with three angels hangging. The first angel was holding a harp, the second it was holding a flute and the last one it was holding a circular thing, and on the middle, it is a red gem. Since it's silver the only thing that makes it attractive is the ruby red gem. "I've read books about angels before and I've seen that before..." Ciel takes the charm bracelet and looks at the gem, "and it's called 'Angel's Tear'."

"Angel's Tear?" I tilted my head asking.

He looked at me and nodded, "Legend says that an angel's tear can heal anyone, angels, demons, or people. But some say that it was stolen by a demon and the demon used it for the one he loves. But it was too late... the demon died shortly."

"What happened to the charm bracelet?" I held Ciel's hand while staring at him.

"The charm bracelet was found in the hands of the Queen."

Author's note:

    Such a short chapter! Sorry grells! Hopefully the next chapter would be longer. ;) hehe anyways my Birthday is on Oct 17. I might update :D


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