The End is Near...

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"Rise and shine Prince Charming" I heard my lovely wife called as she slides the curtains. I cringe and buried my face in the pillow as the sun make contact with my face.

"Come on James wake up, you have to go to the Podiatrists remember" she said. Of course I remember how can I forget such a thing. Gosh how I hate going there.

"But I don't wanna go" I whine in the pillow the sound coming out as a muffle.

"Ugh quit being a big baby and get your anaconda off that bed" she groan, clearly she's getting tired of waking me up like this every Monday and Wednesday morning.

"My anaconda don't wanna go to that crap hun" I singed. I know she's trying not to laugh I could hear her snickering.

"You're so stupid" she giggled "but seriously get up, remember what we have to do later?"

My eyes shot open when I remembering. Tomorrows graduation day I promised her that I'd go with her to buy congrats things for her friends.

A lot has happen, my parents came to visit me often in the hospital, we've gotten pretty close actually. I promise Olivia the day I get out I would take her out on a proper date. And on that first date I propose to her. We haven't got married yet but we're engage. I live with my parents but we'll move to England soon after graduation. I still stay in touch with Billy and my adoptive dad.

I feel that everything is how it's suppose to be. Perfect.

"Do I have to?" I whine

"Yesss you promised now lets go shower"

"What's in it for me?" I ask raiding my eyebrow.

"Really? I have to give you something to go shower?" she shake her head "how sad"

"Fine then I guess I'll just go back to sleep" I pull the covers up but only for it to be pulled back.

"Ok ok I'll give you a kiss"

I quickly got up, my wife came to my side and help me to the bathroom. "I like the sound of that"


"Alright James your ankle and leg seem to get better, don't worry you'll be walking in no time" Dr. Russell said as he write things down.

"Thank you Dr. Russell, I appreciate it." Olivia beamed

He nodded and gave us a smile. As he walk out the door I turn my full attention to Olivia

"You know... I never got that kissed you promised" I said as I grab her. She smiles and lean forward as her hands caressed my hair. Her soft lips made contact with mine and soon everything around us seem to not matter anymore.


*Graduation day*

Finally getting out of this shit hole. The place where my misery started. Right now I'm sitting in my chair waiting for my name to be called. Olivia name was called. I scream so loud that I thought I'd lost my voice. She walk to the stand with her head held high and a proud look on her face. She stand on the stage as she make her valedictorian speech. Let me tell you this it was very heart warming. After a bunch of kids went up finally my name was called. I grab my crutches and go get my diploma. I stand in the middle looking at my surroundings " i did it" I whisper to myself

"Oh my gosh olive I can't believe we did it, we finally graduated" Naomi jump up and down as she hug Olivia. They both exchanges gift and they began to chat while the boys and I talk. I got bored and decided to go home.

"Oh my gosh gurl" I mock her " as much as I want to hear you talking,but we got business to take care of" I grab my wife's arm as I begin to pull her.

Olivia look up at me in confusion" what business?"

"You know... That business'' I wiggle my eyebrow and her eyes widen while her cheek turn into the color of a tomato.

"Perv" she said as she shake her head.

"Well goodbye Natalie" I pull my girl away. And she help me walk with my crutches on one hand and her other arm around my waist

"It's Naomi" she shouted

"Whatever" I shout back at her.

Finally we're done


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