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Title~ The Lioness: Ariela King

Author~ Delona Paul

Summary~ Her name is Ariela King, daughter of one of the most powerful WereLions in the world. She has a story, a story with friends nowhere near perfect. This is her story, the story were she must learn to trust and love others besides herself. Its a world based on survival, a world full of enemies so... how will she be able to tell who's an ally and who's a threat? There are questions that linger around in the air waiting for answers, unfortunately not all of them makes sense.

Survival of the fittest... a family formed in the darkest of times.

Actor/Actress~ Jessica Lowndes

Ideas: Mysterious and a bit sexy please

Awwthentic Note: Used effects and tricks in it, using layers effects. 

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Dated: 20/09/2014

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