Chapter 4: Backup For Fooling Around

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I woke up the next morning. I dragged my lids open and sighed. I pulled my feet out of bed. It was 6 o' clock. I got to sleep in. That was nice. At the SSAC, it was 4 a.m.

I chopped up some fruit and stuck it in a bowl. I plopped into a chair and ate slowly. My high school didn't start until 7:45. I was already dressed in some ugly jean shorts, and a blue t-shirt. Well I thought so.

I drove to school today listening to my music particularly loud. I blared the beat until it shook the windows and pulled up. Again everyone starred.

I was particularly aware of the gamer group of boys watching me. Mostly because their eyes were so intent. I jumped out and walked into the school to start some more hacking.

I shoved open the door. My ears picked up the quiet pairs of footsteps behind me. I ignored them. I turned to go to my first computer and they followed. I knew it was them. I turned right again and went into a dead end hallway.

I whipped out my phone and texted Kayden. "Ok I'm going to call you in a sec, I'm being followed, going to have a little fun. PLAY ALONG." My fingers moved furiously across the little buttons. It sent. He looked at it two seconds after.

Making sure my audience was still here, I dialed his number and put him on speaker. I almost blew our cover. It was hilarious that those boys thought they had been undetected.

He answered immediately.

"Hello? Kyra?" He said in a too eager tone. I winced.

"Kayden," I said in a serious voice. "I don't know how long I can keep the charade much longer." I said sadly. He paused, processing what I was trying to do here.

"Just for a while longer," he promised. I could imagine his smirk on the end of the line when he figured it out. So I dropped a huge hint for everyone.

"Kayden, I need you to give me kryptonite!" I said dramatically. He paused again. Laughing silently.

"No! Kyra you must keep your duty as Wonder Woman! What would we do without you?!" He gasped into the phone. I mentally was very pleased he picked up so fast and laughing.

I head many gasps from behind me. Finally a kid with untidy black hair jumped out and yelled: "I knew it!"

I whirled around with a false stunned expression on my face. "Kayden, I must go." I said heroically. But he was laughing loudly before I could hang up.

"You strange one!" He jabbed a finger at me. I smirked back raising one eyebrow. Another boy jumped out. I crossed my arms. "You were Wonder Woman all along!" He accused. "And you seriously think that?" I asked calmly.

They each did a double take, realizing that they had been set up. "Oh," the black haired kid murmured. They all backed off and disappeared around the corner. I burst into laughter as soon as they were gone. After I finished my fit, I sat down. But just then, a shrilling bell rang sounding the beginning of the school day.

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