Chapter 10

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Morning came. The sun shines brightly, the weather is nice. I must say today is a good day. I did all my morning routines.

I wanted to wear something pretty today I don't know why but I just wanted to dress up, I looked for clothes on my closet and I found this simple dark blue dress that fell onto my knees it was just plain, I find it cute that's why I wore it and I put on my black leather jacket and match it with my black boots. I got my bag and got out of my house.

I locked the gate. I decided to walk since it is still early and maybe I can stopped by the café to have some breakfast there.

I started walking.

I was near the cafe when I felt that someone was following me. I quicken my pace as I neared the cafe as I entered I felt the one that was following me disappeared, I took a deep breath before I spoke.

"Good Morning." I greeted as I saw Edgar at the counter, it was like a de javu where I first met Mr. Seba

"We are not open yet." he said, then I remembered that was the same exact words that Mr. Seba told me. he looked at me then he recognized who I was.

"hi." I said greeting him

"oh! it's you sorry I didn't saw you when you entered, my brother is out for awhile do need something?" Edgar ask.

"oh is that so, no I was just dropping by to say hi to him, and I thought Aimee and Cian might be here by now." I replied

"I'll tell them that you came by when they arrived." edgar said assuring me.

"okay.. thank you and sorry for disturbing." I said then left the coffee shop

*Near the university gate

I was going to enter the gate when someone knocked me down my feet, I felt dizzy when someone punch me over my stomach. I couldn't breath I was gasping for air I was out of breath then my vision became blurred no one was there at that time.

but I heard him..

I heard what he thought..

"sorry little girl but I need to take you with me because someone asks me too." that was the man was saying inside his head. after that I passed out.

I wake up on seeing nothing but the darkness. I couldn't see anything.

"Hmmph.. Mmmphh.. Hmmmph." I tried talking but I couldn't they put a cover on my mouth.

Then I heard someone talked.

"Hey I think she's awake now. What should we do?" It was a small voice but I think it came from a man. And he's talking to someone.

I can hear foot steps coming closer to me.

Then it stop infront of me someone took of the cover from my mouth.

"Who are you? What do you want?" I ask sounding as if I'm not afraid but the truth is I am.

"Don't be afraid little girl we won't hurt you, just be nice and follow what we will tell you." said the unknown man.

"What do you want?" I ask again.

I have a feeling that they knew something about me, but I never told anyone about my ability aside from Kenneth but I know I can trust him he promise me and I knew he was telling the truth. I don't think the guys from that day is invovled in this kidnapping.

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