Chapter 24

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Everyone excited the class room, leaving me and Frank. Once it was clear we walked to the cafeteria. Walking passed the douche table, we were pelted with food, someone threw noodles at me, which I then ate off of my shoulder. 

"What does it taste like?" Frank asked a we sat down. 

"It's actually not that bad." I replied. "I think it's chicken noodle soup." I chuckled. 

"Okay, so what should we do after school?" He asked, taking a bite of his food. "I don't think my mom has anything for me to do." 

"I don't know." I replied with a shrug. "Maybe we could just hang out at the pond?" 

"Yeah, that sounds good." He confirmed with his mouth full. I giggled.  

As he was about to take another bite his chair was tipped, making him fall out. Laughter soon followed. 

"Hey!" I shouted, standing up and pounding my hands on the table. The dick head who did it was Mason. 

"Oops, sorry." He mocked. "Didn't see ya there." 

Frank stood up, dusting off his Black Flag tee. "Yeah well next time try using your eyes." He muttered. 

"What was that?" Mason snapped, shoving Frank a bit. 

"Nothing." Frank replied. 

"Next time, keep your mouth shut Iero." 

"Come on Mason." I said. "Just leave him alone." 

"Aw, so you're trying to save your precious Frankie?" Mason mocked. 

"Come on Frank." I said, taking his hand and dragging him out, earning laughter. 

"Ouch." Frank said, holding the hand he landed on when Mason pushed him out of his chair. 

"Are you okay?" I asked. 

"Yeah, it's just a bruise." He replied. 

I went to my locker and pulled out my art book, sitting down on the bench outside it. Frank sat beside me and watched me draw. 


"Okay, we're going to need a bunch of sticks and also something to tie it together with." I said, rubbing my chin. We were trying to make a little boat. 

"Got it!" Frank replied in a sing-a-song voice. "Sticks, now go grab some of those long blades of grass over there please." 

I nodded and went to get them. I walked thought the crunchy leaves and grabbed some. It was kinda sharp, and when I tried to get it, it cut my finger.

"Ow." I said, sucking on my finger. I didn't know why it cut me so easily. I grabbed some and went over to Frank. "Got it." I said, still sucking on my finger.

"Thanks." He said. "Hey, what's wrong?"

"Oh I got a grass cut." I explained.

He examined it with furrowed eyebrows before kissing it. "Ew blood." He said, wiping his mouth.

I giggled. "Okay, so, boat thingy."

"Yes, boat thingy."

We got back to work on our "boat thingy". I put the sticks in a line and two over the top on each end, and the same on the bottom. Frank tied them together while I held onto it.

After it was all tied up, we put it on the water. It floated out onto the water.

"Yay!" We cheered, high fiving each other.

I found a bunch of pebbles and sat by the shore, tying to skip them. One after another I threw them, but I couldn't skip it. "Dammit." I said. I threw another one. "Dammit." My tone was flat. "Dammit." 

Frankie gave a laugh and skipped it the first try. I playfully shoved him, and he did the same to me. I couldn't do it and I folded my arms across my chest and pouted. 

He giggled and put his hand on mine. I leaned on his shoulder as the corners of my lips turned up. He pulled out a pen and started drawing on my arms. Little things like smiley faces, he tried to draw a guitar, and other random things. 

He put the pen back in his pocket and turned his gaze out onto the sparkling shimmering pond which reflected the sunset light and orange and yellow leaves too. 

I snuggled into his shoulder as he tossed pebbles into the water. I looked down at my arm and looked at the things he drew on it. He wrote it again, the same thing he did last time; "All I want it you". 

"Why do you keep doing that?" I asked. 

"Doing what?" He replied. 

"Writing 'all I want is you', on my arm." I explained. 

"Because." He answered with. "All I want is you." 

I held onto his arm and smiled. He was so amazing to me. No on else seemed to think so, but it's there loss I guess. 

Ever since we met, he was always there for me, no matter what. He never was mad at me, he managed to cheer me up when I felt like shit. And there was just something about his smile, it was cheerful, kind, and bright. 


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