In anothe life part 5

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After that meet up with him on the amusement park, I started thinking about him more and more. I noticed he doesn't text me that much anymore like before even the our third meet up. I called him and he didn't picked up his phone either. I felt like something's wrong. Maybe something happened. So I decided to go checked on him. I didn't had any classes in the morning so I went to his university. I waited outside by the gate. Then I saw students coming out of the university and I saw him walking by himself. I called his phone again. I was watching him as he looked over his phone. He smiled but he didn't picked it up. Then two boys walked up to him and they all shakes each other's hand then three girls went by them and they looked like they're all closed. I texted him one more time asking him what he was doing. He finally replied, 'at the front of the gate of my university just hanging out with some friends, I'll text you later. I stared at him from a distance then drive away. Around 10 pm he texted me, 'hey beautiful! :)' I read his message but never replied him. He texted me a lot of times like I did and even called my phone a lot of times but I didn't picked it up like he did. I turned off my phone and went to school. I switched my classes to morning instead. While I was driving my car towards the gateway, he run to the front and I almost hit him. I got off my car and scolded him instead of asking him if he was alright. He smiled and hugged me but I pushed him away. He tried to hugged me again but I dodge and when I opened my car's door, he closed it and stopped me. The other cars were honking their horns and shouting behind. I had no choice but to let him in. I was still pissed off at him for doing that. He was smiling though. I pulled the car over to the side of the road and to him to get out. He looked at me with such pitiful eyes that I can't resist. But I still told him to get out but that wasn't really what I wanted to say. So he grabbed his backpack behind and he actually get out of my car. "I wanted you to stay stupid." I told myself and tears came out and I didn't even noticed it. I got home and I went straight to my room. I finally turned on my phone and I received a text from him saying, 'I'm sorry! :'(' then tears streamed down my cheeks and I can't even think straight anymore. But I still didn't replied him. On the following day, I visited my grandmother's coffee shop. Her coffee cheers me up a lot. But on that day, my favorite latte tastes so bitter. She sat down with me on my table and asked me what was wrong. I tried lying to her but she knows it when I'm lying. So I told her everything and I told her how confused I am with my feelings towards him. As always, grannie is the only person who understands me and cheered me up like the time I lost my parents and when I got my heart broken for the first time. She's the only one I had. But there's that one phrase she always tells me whenever I'm feeling down, "you're the prettiest when you smile." I smiled to her and she said, "see, I told you you're the prettiest when you smile!" And we both giggled and we talked and talked caused I can only visit her once in a while because she lived kind of far. Ever since I lost my parents, grannie has always Ben the one that took care of me until I went to college so we lived separately from then on. I drove home and think of things more clearer. Then someone was calling me. I still didn't answer my phone until the next day. I didn't received any text or call from Austin. Except from Whitney. I called her to come over to my apartment. Then she came and we hang out and chilled. Then suddenly I heard someone singing outside my apartment. I looked outside my window and I saw Austin with John and his other fiends singing and dancing. At first the others that was with him looked familiar and I suddenly remembered that it was the same people even the girls who was with him at the front of their university. Tears streamed down my my cheeks again and I ran outside and hugged him tightly. The he's friend hands him over a bouquet of flowers and he's friend was holding a poster that says, 'WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND? ' in big cursive letters. Then he game me the flowers and he ask me. I was silent for a minute and said yes to him. I hugged him and he carries me and he was shouting outside that I'm his girlfriend. He sounded so proud and super happy. He's friends were also happy even Whitney. Even my neighbors were looking out their window and clapping. That was the happiest moment of my life. He said i love you to me and I told him the same thing. That's when we became official.

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