Chapter 31- MARRIAGE CONTRACT part 2

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The man was my father! How could he?! "Dad?" I said. "Astrid,dear" he said trying to hug me. "Dont touch me!" Insaid while backing away. "Sorry I have to do this to you" he said. "Why?!!!??? Is it because of your money??!!" I shouted. "No,its for your own sake" he said. "Why?" I asked. "Mark's father is Stoick and my business partner but he died because of a car crash,then his mother will choose between two consequences. Its either he will marry the one he wants, or all of his father's business partner's family will be dead for his sake. And it is the Haddocks and Hofferson" he explained.

"So he chose me to be his wife?" I asked. "I supposed its a yes" he said. "Why!? He can just choose other girls for him to marry!! Im only on the 4th year of college. And Im only 20 dad!!" I said while tearing up. "And I have a boyfriend!" I said. "I know, but its for the best" he said. "Lets eat dinner" Eret said. Then we ate our dinner. Gosh I wasted like an hour of my life for this boring dinner.

After dinner I went to my room. And its 8:30 in the night. So I planned to send a message for Hiccup using a terrible terror dogon. So I did a terrible terror call and it worked! A terrible terror landed in my arms! I then wrote a message to Hiccup and tied it to the terrible terror. "Bring this to Hiccup, have a safe flight" I said. Then i sent him away. After that I took an evening bath and went to sleep.


Ive been waken up by the sun from my sleep. Thanks sun. I then look at the time to see its only 5:00 in the morning. Yes! My plan can succed !I then took a morning shower and decided to take a stroll at the front lawn of the castle. I took Stormfly with me incase there something bad will happen. So I went out of my room and greeted by guards. "Goodmorning miss Astrid" they said. "Goodmorning" I said. While I am walking my dad called me. "Astrid where are you going?" He asked. "Oh, I'll just take a morning walk" I said. "Okay be careful" he said. I then walked to the front lawn finding no guards. Ha! Perfect. "Stormfly,change into a dragon!" I said. Then she changed into a dragon. I then sat on her saddle and we took off! Yes! My plan worked.

My plan actually is to go to Hiccup and inform him my plan for destroying 'OUR' marriage. I actually needed to be fast cause I should be back at 8:00. Good thing I I have a dragon cause instead for a 1 hour travel, it could be minimized to a 10 minutes travel. "Stormfly, can you go a little faster?" I asked. "Rooggrrr!" She said. It means: okay! "Good girl!" I said. So we speed up.


When I woke up I instantly saw a terrible terror looking at me. "Hey there" I said. I then noticed a note that is attached to his leg. I quickly took the note and I opened it. The note says:

Dear Hiccup,

ITS ME ASTRID! You have to read this note carefully. Look, the marriage that Eret said to you is not real!!!! Its actually Mark and I's marriage!!!! Dont be mad at me cause its not my fault!!! Look I'll see you later! Ill be arriving there just wait!!!!!!!!!!! BYE AND DONT TELL ANYONE ABOUT THIS CAUSE IF YOU DO, YOU BETTER GET YOUR SHIELD READY AND HIDE!!!!!!!!

Okayyyy. Wait marriage? I better let Astid explain this to me.


When I got back at England I quickly got in the window of my room. I then went outside of my room and knocked on Hiccup's door. Then Hiccup opened it. "Come on I have to explain this to you quick and no interruptions OKAY!?" I asked. "Ye-yes" he said scared. "Good, the marriage that Eret said to you is not real, its Mark and mine's marriage. Dad said that if I dont agree on this, all I say ALL of the Hoffersons and Haddocks will be killed" I said. "Okay what's your plan" he asked. "Okay the plan is....."



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