Happy Birthday?

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Ari's POV
Its our birthday!!! Yeah and i have planned a surprise birthday party for my twin!!! I know it sounds crazy planning your own surprise party also
But Im really worried cause she havent come back since yesterday. I called harry but he said he soesnt know where she is
"Hey baby have you contacted her?"
Mom asked.
I cant even contact her own phone
"Nope not yet"
Mom is starting to worry also

"OH MY GOSH, Lindsay where can you be?!?!" I shouted in stress

Linds' POV
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS!!" I heard but I still cant see anything

"You Idiots!!" I heard kendall scream
"How can she see us?!!"

Then I felt them taking off my blindfold
"Kendall let me go... What do you want from me?!!" I shouted at her
I cant believe that Im spending my birthday here
My supposed-to-be perfect day went to disaster
How can this day can get any worse
I saw kylie holding a cake
"Oh how sweet you brought me cake" I said in my sweetest possible voice
"Oh yeah.. Back to your question, I want what you have"
What do I have?
"dimples? C'mon I know you want dimples just like mine.. I look so cute" so I tried to make her jealous
"Oh how pathethic,I dont need shitty little dimples I want your life!"
MY LIFE??!?!!??
"Why? Did i do something to you?"
"well indirectly, cause you see having popularity is all I wanted"
She turned around and said
"And then I had it, but ever since you moved to our school you ruined everything!"
What totaly false "I was never popular you were"

"I was, until you came along all the boys falls inlove with you, your smart,beautiful, and talented"

"Actually Im not that smart I almost flunked english"
its true. its a shame
"What? But your american you suppose to know english its your main language!"

"Well its life"

"Are you really killing me?" I asked sincerely
"....I...I dont know...... If ..If I ...can"
Aw I melted her heart
"I'll be back. kylie guard her the rest come with me"
"Yess Dal" kylie said
After kendall walked away

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