That's when it all started. The constant need to be alone. I blamed myself for this, not Harry. I constantly had an internal battle with myself to call him and tell him that he was right about Luke, but I knew Harry was just as twisted as him. It's been three weeks since I've found out that the guy I thought was perfect, was just dating me for money. What hurts most was this was all because of my brother.Why did he want me away from Harry so bad?It's not like Luke was any better. I haven't really been to school much. In fact, I feared going back. I knew some kind of embarrassment awaited me in those halls. Something Luke or Harry would have planned out. With my luck it would be the whole group. Maybe they were all in on this as a joke. I knew my brother didn't like me, but I didn't know it was that serious. Right now I was at home. My parents were off in Alaska for the month and Chase hasn't really been home. That didn't really bother me since I wouldn't wanna face him anyway. I sigh, sitting down as I sign into my netflix account and pick the scariest horror movie I could find. It wasn't that good of an idea since I was scared to death and the power decided to go off mid-movie. "Shit." I cuss to myself. I searched for my phone as the loud strikes of lightning and thunder peaked through the windows, not helping me see any better.

"What you looking for sweetheart?" I hear as two arms snake around my waist." The sudden action startled me, causing a loud shriek to escape my lips.

"SHH baby girl, it's just me." I feel myself being turned around and pushed into the wall. As I look up to see the person I notice his features in the dim light as the lighting flashes.

"Jake.." I whisper to myself in disbelief

"Yea baby, miss me?" He smirks, sliding his hands slowly up my leg.

"Please don't." I beg, but he continues until he gets to my panty line and starts playing with it.

"Come on babe, just have a little fun." He smirks, slowly running his hand over me through my panties. I mentally slap myself for only going around the house in a giant t-shirt at a time like this.

"I don't want to." My shaky voice brings me to realization that I was crying.

"Come on baby.."

"She said she doesn't want to." I hear a deep husky voice growl before I feel Jake ripped off of me. I'm shocked to see Harry. I watch in shock as he beats Jake in anger, and with one last punch, throws him towards the door.

"If you don't want me to kill you, I suggest you get out."

With that he runs out the door, and I quickly fall to the ground crying. I feel Harry's strong arms wrap around me as I burry my face in his chest. "You were right about everything. I'm so sorry." I cry into his chest, just letting go.

"Shh, it's okay. I got you now." He cooed, running his hands through my hair. I cry myself to sleep in his arms that night, feeling safe from everyone.

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