I punched the wall and I punched it over and over and I felt someone grab my wrist. But it wasn’t just one person. My ears went up and my eyes widened and more tears streamed down. “H..h..How?” I covered my mouth and sobbed. I looked passed them and back to the TV and I saw her… I saw her hugging Adam and leaning for a kiss. N..n..no! NO!” Then everything went black.

I woke up to hear the door open and I watched the door. “Hello darling. Had a good rest?” My ears went down, “WHAT DO YOU WANT!” He smiled, "Now Now. All i want is to talk." I growled, what is there to talk about Herobrine!?" I tried to walk to him but my leg was still chained up. Herobrine smiled, "Just the fact that your dating my son." My eyes widen.

"Y...Yo..Yo...Your son?!" Herobrine nods. "See I am only allowing Herobrines to date my son. Not wolves!" his eyes narrowed at me. I growled. "NOT MY FAULT! I WAS A HUMAN BEFORE THIS SHIT HAPPENED!" Points at ears and tail, "YOU CAN FUCKING THANK DANIEL!" 

[Listen to The song to on the side to understand how the feeling was. :3]

Herobrine walks close to me and grabs my chin. "I'll admit my son did get a good one." He leans in close. I struggled and he held on tighter. "Now let me have a taste." He kisses me and I try to pull away and I feel tears roll down my cheeks.

He pulls away and he had a smile spread across his dark face. "It seems far. I mean, look." He points at the screen and I see Adam kissing the clone me and my ears go down and i fall to my knees and holding my chest. 

Herobrine walks to the door and looks back, "I'll be back darling." He closes the door and I hugged myself and tired to get his kiss of my lips. "I want to go home.... I want to be in Adams arms... I want to be home with sarah, marisol and the guys.... I...I.." I cried myself to the point where i couldn't cry anymore. i started to shake and I got up and lost the brightness from my eyes. I was alone.. For the first time in a long time I was alone. I was scared. I was hurt. 

I walked to a corner and I hugged my knees, scared to know what Herobrine was going to do next. Was he going to hurt me? Or... I shook my head and pushed it to the back of my mind. I started to sing to myself a lullaby, adam would hum to help me sleep.  


Don’t you cry, Go to sleep, my

Little baby When you wake

You shall have All the pretty

Little horses " 

I closed my eyes and I imagined I was home again. I was home with Adam..Sarah...Marisol.. Mitch...Jerome, Ian, Ty, Mudkip and Jason. And Im laying on the couch with adam while he hums the lullaby. 

"Dapples and Greys, pintos

And bays

All the pretty Little horses

Way down yonder, In the meadow

Poor Little baby, Crying mama

Birds and the butterflies flutter round his eyes

Poor little baby, crying mama"

it was like i felt him petting my head softly, moving hair out of my face, and kissing my forehead gently. "Adam, I love you." I look at him and smiled, He looks down at me and leads in and whispers, "I love you too my little princess." I felt tears roll down my cheeks. 


Don’t you cry, Go to sleep my little baby

When you wake, you shall have

All the pretty little horses

Dapples and Greys, pintos

And bays"

I look at adam and everyone and i see them fading and a cage appearing and I run to it and yell for them, "ADAM! GUYS! HELP!" I feel him grab, my wrist and I see adam with the other girl. I whisper, "All the Pretty Little horses"  I look up and I hear him coming back. "Please... Please Help.. 

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