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Maaliyah POV

Me:Hi guys (hugs them) hey babe(kisses August)

Rante:Aug bruh you might wanna wash ya lips before they fall off she got cooties bruh

Me:Fuck you Rante.....that's why ya girl burning bitch

He just glared at me as all the guys busted out laughing lol.........Rante my nigga we just clown each other like that sometimes

Issa:Lol,anyway Li,yawl remember the tree house we built when were younger

Me:Oh yea,I remember was like our lil hide away

When we were like 7 or 8,Que,Issa,and I built a tree house out in clearing by the lake in my backyard.........that was the summer Que and I became best friends lol


Me:oh huh

Aug:You kinda zoned out on us ma

Que:Aug don't worry bout it bruh.......she kinda on the slow side she can't help it Issa hit her in the head with a football when we were lil (chuckles)

Ok I hate him for bringing that up cuz E really did hit me in the head with a football and it kinda knocked me out for awhile lol but still tho he wrong for bringing that up

Que:Liyah,LiLi........see what I mean Aug the girl slow

Me:Que stfu metal mouth bastard......anyway yawl wanna go out there and see it

Issa:yea leggoo

We got up to leave but then my mom comes outside with Christian ugh can he just disappear already damn

MomaJ:Oh nice you're all here so I can introduce you all properly.........Christian,this is my babygirl Maaliyah and these are her friends:Jacquees,Issa,Tevin,Durante,Bobby,and Chris

Christian:Hi,nice to meet you all


MomaJ:And this is her boyfriend August

Christian:(eyes August) Hi

August looked at him like "nigga tf you eyeing me for don't get fucked up"


Me:Ok....dueces come on yawl

MomaJ:Liyah remember what I said be nice and give him a hug

Me:(rolls eyes) Ugh alright

I gave him a hug and the shxt just didn't feel right like his vibe and auora is all off and weird..........I don't like that shxt. I felt the guys eyeing him as he hugged me,I pulled back and he licked his lips and winked at me.......ok this muhfucka don't know me I will merk his right now no lie

Que:I don't trust or like him

Me:Que,you don't trust or like nobody

Tevin:Yo did I see that nigga like his lips and wink at you

Que:I don't trust him

Me:Yo like seriously forget him he ju....

August:Liyah,I'm with Que something ain't right about dude.......yawl saw the way he was eyeing me when Ms.Jones introduced me as Liyah's boyfriend.........dude seem shady

Que:Maaliyah,promise us you ain't gon be alone with dude

I looked around at all of them and they all had the same expression on their faces

Me:Ok,I promise I won't

August:Good cuz if that nigga try anything with you......imma burn his ass straight up NOLA style

Yo Aug was dead ass serious it was all in his eyes and on his face.........he really with that killing shxt smh

Que:Seriously yo,dude ain't right but I swear we'll be behind Aug one hunnit if that nigga try anything out the'll be a cold case in the A

Me:Yo frfr,can we just drop it and go please

We walked on behind my house and to the clearing by the lake where we built the treehouse


We walked through all kinds of trees and shxt just to get to the treehouse and we finally found it......Damn I forgot how big this bitch was

Aug:Damn,yawl actually built this

Liyah:Yup,come on

We climbed inside and it was way bigger than what I remembered like damn

Boakie:Yo,yawl had this game too

I turned to see him holding the PAC-MAN game.........bruh that was the shxt when we were young,I kept the high score but Issa and Liyah always deleted my shxts hating asses

Issa:Aye,remember this

He held up a picture of all of us together,I think it was the 4th of July but we stood side by side with our arounds on each others shoulders,Liyah was in the middle and we was all missing teeth lol

Me:You we look funny as hell lol

Aug:Awww look at little Liyah missing her teeth lol

Liyah:Shut up I was still cute,but Issa looked weird as hell

Issa:Whatever,I was fly tho lol

We walked through the treehouse some more and found alot of stuff from our childhood.......old pictures and toys all kinds of stuff we even took a few pictures as memories for when we get older lol it was fun

Tevin:Idk about yawl but a nigga hungry,Im bouta go back and get a damn burger or some

Chris:Me too a nigga starving

Rante:Yo Liyah,Moma J make her famous red velvet cake

Liyah:Boy,you already know it and she made the peanut butter rice krispies that Boakie and Que love to fight over lol

Me&Boakie:Oh shxt forreal........leggoo

We all headed back to the house washed up and fixed our food...........everything was on point yo like frfr

Another update for you guys........hope you enjoy........MUAH