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Edited June 19, 2016

Seventeen-year-old Peter Pan lives in Neverland with the lost boys. He is the King of Neverland because he is the one in charge and everything he says is done. Dozens of children have been told about the "I believe, Peter Pan Fairy Tale", and sometimes a new kid comes without any knowledge of him. But Pan's friend and fellow lost boy, Felix, explains all to them and Peter Pan will go to rest in his tent after a long day.

One day, he receives the new children that dream of Neverland and a new life. He spots a girl, girls didn't know about Neverland, or at least they didn't worry about it. Peter Pan gets curious about this young lady and allows her dream of Neverland as many times as she wanted. After days, he figures a way to travel where the girl lives. She was not happy. He saw why she would dream of Neverland every night. He spied on her several nights, and he decided that if she ever said "I believe", he would NEVER allow her to leave Neverland, only if she made it.

But it all started when the youngest of the lost boys told Pan about how they needed a "female" to take care of them too. They wanted bed time stories, delicious breakfast, and a good night kiss in their foreheads. Pan wanted his youngest lost boys to be happy with the rest of the boys, who were from 7 to 14 years old. They needed a mother.

Peter told them about the "No parents rule" the first day, but they do need love, most of those young boys were at least 5 or six years, while the youngest one was four. He said the "I believe" when both of his parents left him alone in the Enchanted Forest. Pan has taken care of him personally since his first night, he treated him like a younger brother and a son perhaps. The one he would never lose.

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