Chapter 4

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-After School-

I hurriedly grabbed all of my bags and went out of class and started searching for Kai.

"K..Kai?" I mumbled.

"What is it?" He asked cooly.

"A..are we going home now?" I said.

"Aish, I got some things to do, you can go first, here's the address." He tossed me a crumbled paper.

As I opened the door to his apartment, it was pretty messy.

Oh, so this is what a guy living alone's house looked like.

I started cleaning up everything, washing the dishes, arranging the books, throwing wrappers.

"All done!" I spoke to myself.

Then, a door opened, Kai was back home.

"What in the world." He said. "What did you do?" He asked in a fierce calm voice.

"I..I just cleaned your apartment." I said softly.

"Do not. I repeat, DO NOT. Touch my stuff. You caused enough trouble already."

He sighed before he continued,

"Just go in to your room which is straight and turn left."

And he went inside his room and banged the door.

I went inside the room, sat down at the corner and started crying.

"I'm sorry baby, mommy couldn't do anything. I promise to try to help you find a better life." I touched my baby.

- 6:00 P.M. -

It was dinner time already so I decided to cook dinner for Kai and I.

I ended up cooking some pasta.

"Kai?" I opened the door.

I found him sleeping.

"K..kai." I nudged him.

"Hmmm..." He mumbled.

"Wake up, it's dinner time." I softly said.


"Kai..kai...." I poked him.

"SHUT UP! I WILL GO OUT LATER, MS ANNOYING!" He shouted which made be scared.

I quietly went out and ate dinner myself. While, I was eating, a tear dropped.

I wrapped Kai's food with some plastic wrap and stick on a sticky note.

With that, I went to bed and slept.


Aish, she just ruined my sleep. I decided skype with my friends.

"Yo yo yo." Baekhyun said.

"What's up!" Sehun said.

"Galaxy hyung here~~" Kris sung.

"Hi." I said emotionless.

"What's the prob, bro?" Tao asked.

"It's nothing." I said.

After a few hours of skyping with them, it was already night time.

"Grrrr.. grrr" My tummy growled.

I went out and no one was there, she's probably asleep.

Aish, she threw my dinner away????

I opened the fridge angrily and it soon faded.
She did make me dinner... There's also a sticky note on it.

Annyeong Kai! ^.^
I'm sorry for making you mad earlier.
Please eat up!
Don't starve yourself.

Sigh, was I being too harsh on her just now? But she was really annoying me!
Aish, two sides of my brain is fighting now.
I just ate the pasta she cooked for me which was delicious.

After that, I went inside her room, I saw her peacefully sleeping.
I went over to her and caressed her hair.

"I'm sorry for being so mean, it's just that, after you came, I don't know what to do anymore." I whispered and went out.

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