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"Babe!" You shouted, Cameron instantly turned around and looked at you front the tall stage he was on, him and the other boys had just got done performing a show, and it was one of their best yet.

"Y/N!" Cameron shouted excitedly, running towards you, he brought you in for a tight hug, once you guys pulled away he gave you a sweet kiss on the lips.

"Hey guys get a room" Carter said with a chuckle.

"Shut up" Cameron said playfully.

"Y/N!!" You heard a male voice shout from across the stage

, you turned around and saw Nash standing there with a cheeky smile on his face.

"Nashy!!" You shouted back, you quickly ran towards him as he picked you up and spun you around.

"I missed you soooo much!" Nash said into your hair.

"Ya me too" you said, as Nash set you back down onto your feet, you guys walked over to where the rest of the boys stood.

"You know you look very nice today Y/N" Nash complimented right in Cameron's face, what was up with Nash lately? You shook it off and went to stand by Cameron, you guys stood there and got caught up in each others lives, soon after Bart came onto the stage and told everyone it was time to get in the tour bus for tour next stop.

You guys gathered your things quickly, once you had everything you grabbed ahold of Cameron's hand you began to walk buy literally flew back when you noticed Cameron wasn't walking along your side.

"Cameron are you coming?" You asked looking at him, as he looked at the stage floor.

"Ya" he said plainly.

"Then come on" you said waking again but he still wouldn't budge

"Cameron what's wrong?" You asked concerned at this point.

"Um no I'm just thinking" he said never lifting his head.

"Are you sure Cameron your starting to worry me" you said lifting his chin up slightly with you finger but he quickly moved his face to the side.

"Let's just go" he said pulling you towards the exit and onto the gigantic bus.

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