Chapter 1

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Highschool flew by quicklier than I thought. I'm a senior now! I thought as I pulled into the school parking lot in my new shiny black Range Rover. I grabbed my coffee grabbed my purse and ran to 1st period, its the first day of school and I'm allready late. I enter chemistry (YA I know worst class to start off your morning with) and I can just feel te heat. Everyone staring at me. I scan the class for a seat and just my luck, one seat left right next to Chris Sanders... My ex boyfriend. Let's just say we didn't leave it on good terms. I take a seat and Mr.Baider calls me out (he is the hottest teacher in the whole world !! I swear , he's 23 brown hair green eyes and skinny, not scronny but buff) " Alexa would you like to explain why you were late to class ?" No I'm sorry I promise it won't happen again . Well I'm sorry but you are a senior this year and I expect you to know the rules so today during lunch I would like for you to come in and help me organize.he said. But Mr.Baider !!! It's first day of school ! No exceptions I expect to see you here. Chris turns to look and me and smirks, I just give him an evil glare and look away.

(Bell rings)

~lunch time~

I enter MR.Baiders class, he immediately turns around and greets me. So what do you want me to do ? Well first dont be late for school again and second help me file some papers and then you can eat your lunch. So I start filing my papers, Mr. B comes and helps me ... He gets awfully close to me for a teacher, out shoulders touch and he looks at me with his beautiful green eyes and smiles,(this is getting awkward and tense for me) he then stands up real quick and says that I've done enough and I can be excused. Not even looking me in the eyes.

I meet up with my Bestfreind Elle after school and tell her everything that's happened and how Mr.B was very awkward. She thinks for a little , and then says "ok he wants to get in your pants ... Go get him you tiger" !!!! Uhm Elle are you On drugs ? I ask. (This is a usual response from Elle, I didn't expect anything else really) no ... But seriously ! Ugh Elle I hope it's not this awkward in class tomorrow.

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