Chapter 5

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Rapunzel's POV:

"You ordered two?"

"We were hungry!"

It was all Jack's fault! He told me he was hungry, and bugged me to buy! I do hope Merida didn't eat the pizza which I told Jack we'll be eating later when we're done with the house tour. "One box for you each?" Jack covered my mouth in case I answer, but I was planning not to. "Keep quiet." He said, and I nodded. We ran to the next set of stairs and tried to open the first door. It was locked. I tried to budge it, but it can't. Jack pulled my hand and opened the second door. It opened, and we ran inside. He silently locked the door.

"Okay, we have to stay here."

"Jack, look at that."

I pointed to a tall thing covered by a white cloth. He walked towards it and removed the cloth. We saw a wardrobe with carvings. " this the wardrobe you and Hiccup were fighting about at school?" I slowly nodded. "But, it wasn't a wardrobe we were fighting about! It was a cabinet. I have no idea Uncle Morgan's this old to buy a wardrobe when he asked us if we want to buy a cabinet..." I said. We suddenly heard footsteps. "Go, go hide!" He told me, and opened the wardrobe. He pushed me inside, and he went in also, keeping an eye on the door. The knob clicked, and Jack closed the wardrobe door.



He looked behind. I think he was startled about me not scolding him with calling me 'Punz' or 'Punzie'. "Look behind you." He said, and I did. The moment I did, a pine tree leaf stung me on the nose with soft white snow. Jack pushed me towards the snow and I fell. "W-woah!" I exclaimed. "This is an awfully big wardrobe." He says, walking further. "We should head back." I said, standing up and dusting myself off. "No. We should explore this!" He said and ran onwards. "Jack, wait up!" I said, running to him. He stopped by a lamp post that grew high.

"A lamp post huh? Maybe this is some tunnel with creatively done snow by paper."

"Nope. This is definitely no tunnel leading somwhere else. I think this is another place."

I looked back, still seeing coats and everything. Probably if we don't get too far we won't be lost. "Okay, Jack I'm hungry." I lied. "Take it in." Does he have no heart at all?! "Jack, what if Merida and Hiccup are looking for us now, and report to the police? Besides, I have a bad feeling about this place." I said, crossing my arms. "Then head back! Tell Merida and Hiccup that I'm lost whatsoever, and you also tried to find me! Merida doesn't care about me either! So, leave me!" He shouted, and I widened my eyes.

"Even if I tell them that, only Merida would buy that lie."


I smirked. "Because Hiccup's smart, and he knows me than anyone else. We aren't blood related but we know each other more than anyone else does. Because we think of each other as siblings, not as partners." I said. He laughed. Horribly, he did. "So, what are you implying? Merida takes self-advantages? That she also isn't smart because you assumed only she would buy that lie? Come on, don't be such a bad girl, and leave! Right now!" Why is he likes this?! Such an ass.

"No. I don't want to head back."

"Then you were complaining about this place, that you're hungry?!"

I nodded. "Because I was scared. And if you want to explore this whole land, then can we at least stop this arguement? It's going nowhere." I said, trying to stop our verbal fight. "Fine! But you can stay and wait for me, or at least go back. Two choices." I glared at him. "Can I at least come with you?" He smiled. "Yeah, I just didn't put that in the choices because you're annoying. Anyway, let's go." He said, and I followed him.

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