The Plan

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Ryan's POV

I woke up but I still lying on this bed. I want to go to my house right now. I am a little bored.

I open the door when I saw the girl walking. "Hey where are you going?" I ask her. She stop walking and then she turn around.

"Oh, there." she said while pointing her hand on the place. In the ROOFTOP?! "Oh okay. See you there." I said then I enter the room.

Are you thinking why I said that to her? Because I want to know more about her. You don't know we can be friends.

I go to the rooftop. She is sitting, hugging her knees. Her hair was waving like the wave of the ocean. I suddenly think Star. I miss her.

I walk and I sit behind her. She didn't look at me. "So, ummm...what's your name?" I ask her. "Oh, my name is Blackfire. Are you Robin's brother?" she introduce herself then ask me.

"Umm...yes and how do you know Robin?" I ask. "Oh because I am Starfire's sister." she said.

Oh, now I know. So that means, we are both the oldest. Great!

"Do you like my brother/sister?" we both ask. Then we laugh and smile at each other. "Yes!" we both answered.

"We need a plan." she said. "Okay. What plan?" I ask like I agreed what she said.

"Okay I will go there and I will destroy their relationship." she said. "Okay that was great." I agreed. "But I don't know how..." she said.

"Oh what if I also go there but I need to be do my job." I said. "Wait what will you do if you are there with me?" she ask.

"I will kiss Star, destroy their relationship with you backing me up." I said my plan to her. "Oh that will be great." she agreed. "Yes but I need to do my job." I said looking at the ground.

"Wait what is your job?" she ask. "Teacher. I teach children." I answer her. "Is that important to you?" she ask.

"Not only important, it is very very very important to me. If I didn't continue my job, I might lose it." I said to her, still looking at the ground.

"Oh, what we will do?" she ask then she think. I look at her this time but she is not looking at me.

"Oh I will give you my phone number." I said. "What is phone number?" she ask. Oh no! This is a hard question. I know what it is but I don't know how to explain.

Suddenly, Robert came up here. Finally! "Ryan what are you doing here? Hey girl!" he said while running toward us. "Oh I am talking to her. Her name is Blackfire." I said.

"Oh hello Blackfire." he said. I think she likes Blackfire. He look at Blackfire from head to feet then he smile.

"Oh hi Robert. What is cell phone number?" she said. "Ummm...this is the cellphone number." Robert show his cell phone then show the cell phone number.

See, he doesn't also know how to explain. It is hard to explain. "Oh, okay." she said.

"Okay why did you ask what is a cell phone number?" Robert ask, putting his cell phone on his pocket.

"Oh because she is Star's sister. And we are thinking a plan how will we destroy their relationship." I said to him.

"Maybe I can help." he said. "Really?" Blackfire ask. "Yes. Here is the plan." Robert sit behind me then he said his plan.

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