Angel Beats (Tragedy Recommendation)

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Angel Beats (Feels Recommendation) LOL JK

Status: Complete

Date Released: 2010

Genre:Action, Comedy, Supernatural, Seinen, Tragedy

Episodes: 14 episodes

Summary:Wondering if what might happen if you died? Let's see Otonashi's story. Otonashi Yuzuru woke up only knowing that he is already dead. Then, He saw a girl holding a rifle named Yuri Nakamura. Yuri told him that they're in the afterlife. Otonashi only remembered his name and the face that he is dead. Yuri told him that she leads the Shinda Sekai Sensen (SSS) to wage a war to a girl which they called Tenshi that is believed to be god's messenger. Because Otonashi didn't believed Yuri who was claiming that Tenshi is evil. Otonashi attempts to speak with her. Unfortunately, He just got stabbed in the end. Otonashi decides to join the SSS to join and rebel agains god. But the problem is. He is really drawn to Tenshi which her name was supposed to be Kanade Tachibana. As Otonashi tried to gain his memories. He unraveled the truth behind his previous life. Now, He can focus on the mysteries of the afterlife

Plot:(10/10) No complaints! This story remains cool! It never failed to make me laugh.

Art:(8/10) Not my type of art but it's still good! I wonder why I gave it a 8. I just felt it. I cannot give it a 9 or 10. Dunno why.

Music:(10/10) Oh yeah! Angel Beat's music is the best! My favorite song is My Song By Iwasawa! Try to hear it! Also! If you want some sentimental music! Try Ichiban na Takaramono by Yui! If you want the ba dumm tss! drinnggg! Or rock! You should listen to the song, Crow Song and Thousand Enemies! It has a Yui and Iwasawa version Also! Try Little Braver by Girls Dead Monsters! If you want some mild music. Try My Soul, Your Beats. I just forgot if who sang that one! This section got long! It's because their song is so great! My Song by Iwasawa! My favorite! Wohoo! 

Characters:(10/10) To be honest. I don't know all of the characters! xD Their names were confusing! But I know their personalities! Some characters I remembered instead of Otonashi, Yuri and Kanade was Hinata, Iwasawa, Yui, The 5th dan (Forgot his name), The vice president of the student council and freaking TK! That english speaking jerk! He's so funny! The others. I cannot mention them because I don't know their name. I just know them! Deal with it! xD

Final Rating: 9.5/10

Comment: To the feels bucket list!!!!! I'm warning you! If you'll watch this! Grabe a bag of tissues and a big bucket! You can't resist crying! Me? Yeah! I didnt cry! I'm tough ya' know! But that was so close! One more second and I'll freaking cry! But when it comes to the funny part. It will certainly make you freaking laugh! xD I almost died laughing when I saw the rocket-chair. xD So freaking funny! And the dramatic part where Hinata was about to disappear! Geez! Thanks to Yui! xD She broke that part. Anyway, If you are a tough guy/girl over there! I recommend this to you! I assure you! Even if you're not tough! You can watch it! Just be prepared! It's worth your time! You're missing something if you haven't watched this anime!


One person needed courage to face the past. Another person needed effort to make a dream come true. Yet another person needed time and friends. What about you? ~Otonashi Yuzuru

Even if we forget the faces of our friends, We will never forget the bonds that were carved into our souls. ~Otonashi Yuzuru

Our lives were real! Not a single of them were fake! Everyone lived the best they could! We carved those memories into ourselves! Memories of living as hard as we could! No matter what kind they were, they're the life we led! Erasing them in the blink of an eye like that.....  Wasn't your life also real to you!?

I only have one chance in life, and it's right here. It's the only life I have. This is my life. I can't give it to anyone else, It can't be stolen, I can't force it on anyone, or forget it, or make it disappear, or trample it, or laugh it away, or beautify it. I have no choice but to accept this one cruel, meaningless life! That's why I will fight, and I will continue fighting. ~Yuri Nakamura

When we were still in the world, living, death was something indiscriminately and ramdomly. So, There's no way to fight it. ~Yuri Nakamura

That's right. Our weakness is that we're stupid. ~Iwasawa

Even death can't cure idiocy. ~Yui

Don't think that the me tomorrow will be the same as the me today. You'd better be careful. ~Hinata Hideki

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