...so...do..... feelings...part one

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It had been six months since Sauske and Anastasia had gotten together. They wanted to do it slow, so they did. Sauske would ask Anastasia out for a meal, or to train with him, they kiss and cuddle, but never had sex. Sauske was too nervous, Anastasia wanted it, but wouldn't push it. Sauske had asked Anastasia to move in with him, in which she was overjoyed and said yes.

        Sauske was tossing and turning in the bed Anastasia and him shared. He was tossing and turning, but also moaning Anastasia's name. He moved around in bed. Anastasia poked her head in from the kitchen and saw him tossing and turning as well as moaning/calling out her name. Anastasia walked into the bedroom in a loose robe with only a simple lace bra and matching underwear on. Anastasia walked over to the bed and placed an hand on Sauske's arm. Sauske grabbed her hand and shoved her on the bed, pinning her to it, his sharigan activated. Sauske looked down at Anastasia and realzied what he did. Anastasia's features were calm, understanding, and slightly filled with concern. Sauske looked down at what she was wearing and looked away. "I'm sorry." Sauske mumbled, getting up. Anastasia grabbed his hand and yanked him back down. She dragged him to her wide chest and held him there, basically suffocating him with boobage. "You're safe....I'll always be here...You didn't hurt me..I'm fine.." Anastasia said, soflty. "Ana...I can't breath." Sauske said. "I know..death by cleavage." Anastasia said, letting Sauske go. Sauske lingered there, still in her chest. Anastasia looked down at him. "Did you need something?" Anastaisa asked.

        "yes..." Sauske mumbled. Anastasia looked at him confused slightly.Sauske rubbed his face in her boobs, causing his girlfriend to blush. "Sauske...are you trying to tell me you're ready?" Anastasia asked, nervously. Sauske looked into her beautiful green orbs and nodded. He kissed her and slipped his tongue in her mouth, exploring her caverns. Anastasia let out a slight moan. Sauske pulled away.  "You tried seducing me with how you're dressed, I couldn't take it anymore." Sauske admitted. Anastasia smirked and kissed him back.

        Sasuke lowered his head again and untied her black robe. He unfastend her lace bra and threw it aside. He then continued to start rubbing her breasts, making sure he didn't hurt her. Anastaisa moaned quietly. He then pinched her nipples, making her boobs bounce. Anastasia moaned in pleasure. Sauske smirked and twisted the left nipple as he sucked on her right one. Anastasia grabbed Sauske's hair and pulled slighlty. Sauske bit down on her nipple and continued to suck, earning him a moan from his girlfriend. Sauske switched nipples and did the same with the left nipple. When he was done with that, he lowered his hand down to her Vagina and satrted rubbing her folds. Anastasia moaned more. Her juices spilled out a little. Sauske tore her lace panties off and started fingering her. After a little while, he added two more fingers, then another, Anastasia screamed out in pleasure, making Sauske smirk. Sauske then lowered his head to her entrance and began licking until she reached her peak. When her peak was reached, he was still licking and sucking on her. She called out his name several times.

        Sauske threw his pants and boxers off and placed himself at her entrance. He slowly insirted himself in her and began thrusting.Anastasia wrapped her legs around his back and clawed his back. The two interlocked lips and finally they both reached their peaks. With a final thrust from Sauske, he came in her and fell to the side, next to his girlfriend. He wrapped his arms around her and placed his head in the crook of her neck. "Ana....I.." Sauske began. "I know...it was worth the wait." Anastasia said.

        Things continued on like that until.....

        The sky was grey and cloduy with fresh rain. It had been raining all day, and there was no sigh of it letting up. Anastasia was in the kitchen making dinner for when Sauske came home. Anastasia stared out the window, a black raven stared back at her. Anastasia walked over to the window and stepped out on to the balcony. "What do you want?" Anastasia asked. "To see you. I seeyou moved in with my little brother." Itachi noted the obvious. Anastasia rolled her eyes. "Sauske will be back any minute...I can feel his chakra now." Anastasia stated. "I know and he has something to say to you..." Itachi said. He tocuhed her shoulder and then disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Anastasia heard Sauske walk up the stairs to their apartment and reach for the door. Anastasia rushed off the balcony, and locked it behind her. Her hair was already dry, as she walked into the kitchen. "Welcome home, Sauske." Anastasia said, kising sauske. Sauske pushed her away and walked into their bedroom. "Sauske, what's wrong?" Anastasia asked, following her boyfriend into their room. "I need to leave." Sauske began. "Oh, for another mission? Already? Lord fifth has you on lots of missons. So, when will you be back?" Anastasia asked, rubbing her boyfriend's shoulders. He smacked her hands away.  "No. I won't be back. I'm going after Itachi...I'm sorry....I just can't wait any longer.." Sauske stated, shoving clothes in a bag. "Sauske..please stay...." Anastasia pleaded. "I can't." Sauske said, his hand on the door. "I hope you're pregnant.." Sauske said, as he left. Anastasia crumbled to her knees.

        Sauske ran away from Konaha and away from the only one who mattered. Itachi materalized before Anastasia. "What did you do?" Anastasia asked. "Nothing...He just merely saw me on a mission and has decided to leave you..." Itachi sneered. "Things change..and so do feeligs.." Itachi stated. Anastasia nodded and got off the floor she hugged Itachi. "Go. Fight Sauske I don't care anymore." Anastasia said. Itachi was taken aback by her words, but still left.

        Naruto soon found out what happend. Tsuande sent out team after team to get him back, they always came back empty-handed. A month turned into a year, a year turned into two then t....



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