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Renjun raised a brow, but his eyes widened when he saw who Lucas' cousin was.

Heck yes he met her.



He just confessed to her days ago.

Lucas coughed, "I thought you wanted to tell him something?" He said, smirking. Probably thinking that his cousin will reply to Renjun's confession or something.

Ningning looked at him with wide eyes and raised a brow, "Huh? Did I say that?" She asked.

"Yes, you did. Earlier." Jaehyun said.

Ningning snapped her fingers, as if remembering something. "A-Ah, I wanna apologize to Renjun because I didn't reply to his text." She chuckled, scratching her head. "I-I... kinda used my load in watching Netflix last night." Well at least she's trying to make things better, well for her, at least. Everything's still awkward between her and Renjun, though.

Jeno gasped, "So Renjun was saying the truth." He said, looking at Renjun after.

Renjun rolled his eyes, "Well, duh." He sighed and took a bow. "I'll be outside for a moment. I'll be talking to my mom for a bit." He smiled and went to the porch.

He sat on the bench and took a deep breath before looking at his phone. Noona, we're here at Mark hyung's house. Guess what, Lucas hyung's cousin is Ningning :D i love my life so much. He pressed send and sighed, before looking at nowhere.

"Hey." He didn't even notice that he wasn't alone up until now.

A smile was immediately etched on his face the moment he saw Ningning standing by the door, looking at him. "Oh hi..." He greeted back, gesturing her to come closer.

She chuckled and sat beside him. "How are you?" She asked in their mothertongue.

It took him a while before answering. Was he really fine? "Guess I am." He laughed.

How she missed his voice. She suddenly remembered the time they sang the duet together, and how Yuri texted her, saying that she's fine, and that she purposely did not go to school that day because she badly wants Ningning to do the duet with Renjun.

She suddenly remembered everything. The way he confessed, and how she remained silent.

"Yah, what about you?" Renjun patted her shoulder, causing her to look at him.

She shrugged and sighed, "I'm good, too... I guess?" She chuckled awkwardly. "By the way, how did you get my number?"

"Oh, uh... Jisung gave it to me." Renjun chuckled.

She nodded, "You told them you texted me?" She asked.

Renjun pressed his lips into a thin line, "Uh... a long story but.. yeah, I guess?" He chuckled.


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