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I AM NOT A MIDDLE AGED MAN THEREFORE I AM NOT RICK RIORDAN SO SADLY I DON’T OWN THE PERCY JACKSON OR THE HEROS OF OLYMPUS SERIES ALTHOUGH I WOULD LIKE TO. Ok I know this isn't about anybody meeting anyone so im thinking about changing the title but i cant figure out how to. Today is my b-day I'm 12 yeah!!!

[Piper’s POV]

After Jason, Leo, and I got back from the Quest to save Hera, (or Juno she’s equally annoying either way) the camp greeted us like heros, but if you looked close enough you noticed a sadness in their eyes. Their missing leader, Percy Jackson, was the cause of this sadness. He seemed like a special person if he could affect the whole camp like that. Even the camp bully Clarisse got a sad expression on her face whenever someone brought him up. The person most affected by his disappearance was Annabeth. One time I asked her about him and she almost broke down crying. Annabeth is a tough girl, anybody who can make her cry is definitely special.

          Anyway I was walking back to my cabin after my archery lesson when I spotted Annabeth on the beach so I went over to her. To my surprise she was crying, Annabeth Chace the strongest most level headed girl I know was sitting on the beach with silent tears running down her face absent mindedly caressing a seashell that was on her camp necklace while staring at her feet. “Annabeth are you okay,” I asked my voice soft, “I’m fine” she said vigorously whipping a tear from her cheek. Her voice was strained from crying. “No you’re not tell what’s the matter,” I said putting a little charm speak in my voice. I felt bad about it but, hey I needed to help my best friend. “It’s just I miss him so much and I’m afraid that he’ll forget me maybe even have a new girlfriend,” she said her voice cracking. I knew who she was talking about, Percy Jackson the camp hero and Annabeth’s boyfriend. “What if we get there and he doesn’t remember me,” she continued then let out a soft sob. “That won’t happen,” I say trying to calm her down. It had no effect. “How do you know,” she cried. “Annabeth” I said sternly charm speak filling my voice “do you love Percy, love him with all of your mind, sole, and heart.” “I love him more than anything” she said and I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was being truthful “I love him more than life itself, he is my everything and he’s there when I have nothing and nothing can make me stop loving him not even the gods.” “Does he love you the same way?” I ask surprised she loves him so much, “I think so” she said a sad smile on her face. “If he loves you as much as you love him no one can make him forget you” I said determined to make Annabeth feel better. “What would make you think that?” she asked. “I’m not an expert on magic, or love, but I do know that the brain is easily controlled” I said “ you can take memories away or create new ones, but the heart is harder to deceive,” I continued, “only my mother the love goddess can control that and even she has her limits, she can make people fall in love , but it will never be true love and she can’t make people stop loving each other,” I don’t know where I was getting this but I believed it whole heartedly, “so if he really loves you the way you love him he won’t forget you no matter what.” “Thanks Piper” she said tears in her eyes, but now they were tears of joy. “No problem” I said then got up and went to my cabin.

          That night while I was sleeping my mother Aphrodite decided to invade my dreams. “Hello dear” she said to me in a sweet voice. We were in a mall and she was looking at dresses. “Hello mother” I replied respectfully. “you know what you said to Annabeth today all of it is true” she said. “Really!” I exclaimed, “mmm…hum..., do you like this one?” she asked holding up a satin blue strapless dress with an aqua rose in the right corner. “Yes mother” I said growing impatient. “Yes well I would like percabeth to live on their best love story since Helen of Troy.”  “Okay first of all what’s percabeth?” I asked angrily “and second of all, is that all you think Percy and Annabeth’s love is, just another soap opera or story,” I was on a roll now, “that’s sick and deranged,” I was yelling by then “you’re just like Hades, he likes to watch the tortured soles in the fields of punishment and you like to watch people suffer and hearts shatter because of love.” I was seething in anger my mother looked astonished “well percabeth is Percy and Annabeth’s ship name” she said deathly calm “and I didn’t know you felt that way, well don’t expect any help in your love life any time soon” She said the flashed away and my dream melted into darkness.


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