Weekends are for sleep

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Finally it's the weekend! I haven't been feeling good the past few days and haven't been in the best mood. Not feeling good always sets me off and I get really angry and stubborn. So sorry to those who were affected by it... 😁. Anyway my stomach has just been hurting really bad, and I had cold sweats... Which I hate! The feeling in my mouth was disgusting(the typical sick taste in your mouth when your sick) and I was really clammy. But I tried to get over all of that and just focus on school and my friends. I'm really surprised because tbh.. I'm really liking school. I'm never as social as I have been this year. I feel like I'm stepping out of my shell. It feels nice taking a deep breath of fresh air. I've been getting a lot of different feeling and emotions this week. Between friends, to personal thoughts, to guys, to homework, to stress, to every problem I seem to have. It feels as if I don't really know what I want anymore. I've been stressing so much recently it's been hard to eat. I'm just not hungry. Today all I had was a biscuit, skipped lunch, and a tuna packet with crackers for dinner. I'm not saying in anorexic of anything so don't assume that I am. Food is very important in life, and I love it 😂 I've just been dealing with personal issues that are hard to deal with. But writing seems to help relieve my stress. Anyway it's the weekend and I decided to take a self weekend. I'm not making any plans. I'm staying at home sleeping, eating, youtube watching, and pampering myself. And by Monday I'll be refreshed to start off positive again. Oh also homecoming is coming up... Yay! The only bad part is nobody is going to ask me #lonerstatus I guess that just means I can spent more time with my friends at homecoming. So tonight I was going to go to the football game but those plans got canceled. And then I planned to sleepover at my friends house but I didn't feel 100% so I canceled. Then I fell asleep at 7:30 and just recently woke up. I'm having trouble sleeping but you know... I'll blog more on Sunday but Saturday I'm going to have a lazy relaxing day to myself. If you don't have these days every once in a while to pamper yourself, please do.

Remember you are important to. And beautiful! Goodnight everyone! 😘💙

~so that's it for today. Like I said I'll blog more Sunday! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for reading!

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