Chapter 19: Grocery Store Trip

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"A trip to the grocery store?!" Snow cheered. "Can Megan come?" He put his hands on the fangirl he met's shoulders. 

"Yeah sure." Gerard said. "Bandit, you ready? Bandit?" 

"I think she is." Cherry said as he rounded the corner, straightening his bright red jacket. He was wearing the really tight pants again. 

"How do I look daddy?" Bandit asked, posing. 

She was wearing sparkly sunglasses, a boa and sparkly clothes. "Uh, you look... Cherry!" 

"What she looks fabulous bitch!" Cherry snapped, literally, he Z snapped.  

"Yeah." Bandit agreed. "I look fabulous bi..." Gerard covered her mouth. 

"Da fuq Cherry." Vamps rounded the corner saying. "Let's just effing go all ready." 


So they went to the store and grabbed a cart, which Vamps and Bandit rode in. Megan walked next to Snow and Cherry just walked with the group. 

Megan hardly ever left Snow's side. "Look Snow!" She cheered. "It's an adorable teddy bear!" 

Snow gasped and she pulled him over to it. Cherry folded his arms across his chest and muttered something. 

"Snow get back over here." Gerard called. 

"Coming!" He replied. 

"Daddy I have to pee." Bandit said. 

"I'll take her." Cherry offered. 

"Thanks Cherry." Gerard said. 

Cherry took her and decided to take her into the woman's room. 

*Face palm*  

*Screaming and freaking out in the woman's bathroom* 

"What are you looking at bitch?" Cherry said.  

"Someone get this pervert out of here!" Some chick squealed. 

Security guards dragged him out. "What!? Can't a guy take his little girl to the bathroom!? Is that wrong now? Oh so I'm the bad guy, is that what's going on here?" 

"Uh, is he with you?" The guy asked Gerard. 

"Uh. yeah." He replied. "Where the hell is Bee?" 

Someone brought her out and tossed Cherry out on the curb. "Ha ha ha!" Vamps laughed. "He's out there by himself and has to wait there until we're done. Be careful someone doesn't try to kidnap you Cherry!" 

"Snow please go grab some paper towel." Gerard asked. 

"Okay!" He replied. 

He went over to it and grabbed one.... From the bottom. 

*Face palm*  

"Someone help me please!" He cried. "They're crushing me!!!!" 

They grabbed him out and tossed him onto the curd with Cherry, Megan followed. 

"Daddy daddy!" Bandit said. "Go really really fast!" 

Gerard looked around and there was no one in sight so he pushed it down the isle, putting his feet on the cart and zooming down it. 


Then guards threw him out too. 

*Face palm* 



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