"You know, that sword won't clean itself" Elianna says with a smirk, Nuriel who was cleaning his sword that he named "INFINI" ignored her comments and moved on to cleaning his other swords

"You must collect swords from the vampires you've just taken out, taking their spoils is rather barbaric"

Nuriel who was known as one of the best warrior was now being bothered by the Elder's precious gem known as Elianna Freyert. He only met her once during the awarding ceremony, ever since he saw her she started following him almost everywhere. How old was she? She looked sixteen if she were human of course. It was pretty obvious that she never went to war, the way she dresses gives it away

"You must hate me because of the war" he pointed out

Her eyes glistened as she smiles "I don't know what to hate, sometimes I'd hate myself for that matter. The war is something I hate yes, but for us who fight, it is simply a different reason"

"You fought alongside with us?" his voice seemed suprised

"Yes, but seperately. You and your troops fought at Hemsey and Helway while I..." her eyes then turned cold "I fought at the Dark trenches of Hosiska"

"That place is where the dark wizards live, Facades can't barely make it in the entrance of Hosiska!" he laughs coldheartedly "Surely you are mistaken of all places"

"Ah, well I am not" 

"How many troops accompanied such task?"

"Troops?..." her voice faded "No, I was sent alone by the Elders" Elianna looked away and sat on the big rock nearby, two lambs came and cuddled beside her. Nuriel looked her and felt a surge of guilt he then sat next beside her and offered her a peice of bread " Tell me about your life inside that castle"

She places her  hand on top of his "It is better for you to never know our ways and just live pretentiously without doubt and live without reason compared to the pains of truth" 

her words were sincere without malice but it saddened him that the she had to bear the darkness of the Elder's Castle. Elianna surely was a brave soul that was imprisoned and they had no reason to doubt anything any longer. Suddenly the war bell was heard louder than before, one of the halfling guards blew the trumpets "Vampires are at the area! Facade Troops gather!" 

"They're here" Elianna whispers "They brought the behemots, be careful Nuriel"

"Behemots have weaknesses, we can surely win without a doubt" he took INFINTI and took one last glance, Elianna's pupils suddenly turned gold "Elianna?" he called out but she seemed to be in a trance as she walked back to the castle. Nuriel ran to his tent and put his armor on, then as soon as he got ready there was an explosion They are fast! he thought as he speedily ran to the inner circle of battle, there were two large Behemots, he took his arrow and aimed for the head. The arrow went through its head and the Behemot fell and turned into dust, he spotted a vampires attacking his fellow Facades and quickly aided them, they were weaklings compared to their army. Was this a random attack? These aren't warriors! As the bodies of the vampires turned to dust, a new set of vampires appeared out of a black hole This is dark magic made by the Dark Wizards! They must have allied themselves with the Vampires! Out of the whole came a Red Wizard, one of the most deadliest and rarest to come and show itself

"I am Vilhad" he says while smiling "I have come to destroy the Elders!" he shouted

six Behemots and a group of vampires emerged out of the dark hole and attacked them, the north troops are almost wiped out...his friends were there and now they've gone. Vilhad the Red Wizard summoned the lightning, everything was almost a blur, Nuriel charged towards the mad wizard but two vampires blocked his path. He immediately ended their life with a sword there was no turning back. The Red Wizard smiled and smoothed his white hair and laughed

"There is no end to this brave warrior" he smirked "Look at you, fighting for something that is worthless. I can give you more" 

"I am not someone who can be misled by death" Nuriel's hand is glowing, he was planning to use all his strength to end this madman's life even if he too were to follow him to the grave but before he could do it a sudden force seemed to stop his hand from glowing, he turned and saw Elianna, wearing a red dress and she seemed to be gracefully walking towards them. Nuriel saw her eyes, they were dead, nothing inside, her soul seemed to be gone but her body remained. She walks at the center of the bloody war, there were red streaks on her cheeks 

"A wizard should know his place" she says calmly "You don't belong here, you'd be wise to leave" she says in a slow monotonous tone

"You must be the one who destroyed my comrades at Hosiska" the wizard says angrily, he made Nuriel fly to his death but Elianna froze the flying spell and he softly landed on the grass not far away 

"I've already warned you wizard but now it's too late to beg for..." Elianna's eyes turned gold "Mercy" suddenly the ground starts shaking, the wizard flew and summoned a Behemot to attack her but Elianna evaded the attack and froze the creature with just one touch. The wizard took his staff and said a spell then a big bolt of light struck Elianna but she didn't seem to flinch

"Impossible!" he bellowed :"That was the death spell! No one can ever escape it!" he fell to his knees and started quivering. It seems that he used up all his energy now he is vulnerable as ever, Elianna kneeled and patted his head yet her eyes were as cold as winter snow 

"it's no use wizard, you cannot cast a spell on a person...who doesn't have...a soul" Elianna whispers as she sucks the remaining life force inside him. Then slowly the wizard disappears as if he never existed in the first place.

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