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That moment you feel like you weren't enough....

It kills you inside...turning you inside out

But I keep breathing till all my air finally runs out

I'm left to suffocate alone because I wasn't good enough

You've taken all of my air as you walked away, turning your back on what could've been

You ran away from the monster I am and you never came back

I'm sorry that it's perfection I lack

But you aren't perfect yourself

Just imperfectly perfect

When I said that that's what I meant

The monster I am is dead now

You return looking for me...

But I'm gone with no goodbyes, just like I came with no hellos

You're sad because you can't find me

Funny because you were the one who told me to leave

Just bring some flowers to my grave

Go ahead shed a tear or two

I'll be sure to come back and haunt you.



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