Chapter 2 - "no crop tops"

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Read the a/n at the end please :) Xx

"You hear your mother, go up those stairs right now and get packing. You're leaving tomorrow."

I did as I was told and walked up the stairs and went into my bedroom. I shut and locked the door and sat on my bed, then the tears came. Why can't people just except one another? Is it really that hard for people to understand change and difference? Apparently.

I go over to my closet and get out my suitcase. I put it on my bed then get every single article of cloths that I have and try to make it fit into the suitcase.

"Goddamn you," I mutter under my breath when it won't all fit.

I finally get most of it in, leaving out all of the dresses I have. I wouldn't wear them anyways.

'Little kitty go meow, yes daddy I'm a big girl now-' I instantly know who is calling and pick up my phone to answer.

"Hey, Jerk" I say.

"Bitch." ((A/n if you get that I love you)) My best friend Cody replies.

"What do you want?" I ask him.

"Open your window, I'm gonna fall out of this tree." He replies.

The fuck? I open my window and with wide eyes see Cody in the tree by my window ready to fall out.

"Gimme your hand dumbass," he tells me with his hand out.

"Sorry," I say extending my arm, "you really are the stupidest person I know."

He grumbles out something along the lines of 'shut up' while I help him in.

He gets in but lands on the floor with a thud after tripping on one of the dresses I threw on the floor.

"Your room is a pigsty."

"It was only one dress!" I exclaim.

He then walks per to my bed, sits on it, then pats the suitcase. "You going on vacation or something?"

"I wish. I came out to my parents today and just like that they're sending me to a 'straight camp'," I tell him.

"Are you serious? Those are real? For how long?" He asks, eyes wider than mine were a few minutes ago.

"I am serious. Apparently. And, probably for the rest of the summer. The closet one is at the Christian school camp and that starts tomorrow so."

He blinks, "I'm gonna miss you so much."

"Same." I reply.

He gets off of my bed and engulfs me in a hug, his eyes full of water.

"God I'm gonna cry like a little girl," he chuckles and wipes at his eyes.

"Hey, I'll call, text, FaceTime, Skype, all of it just don't forget about me," I chuckle back.

"Yes. Ugh, I have to leave, promise you'll call when you get there?"

"Pinkie promise."

We link our pinkies and he hugs me again. We say our goodbyes again and he climbs the down the tree to walk back to his house.

I lay down in my bed and scroll through tumblr, not feeling hungry and not wanting to see my parents.

After about three hours of switching through tumblr, twitter, and instagram, it's 7:00 and I'm already tired.

I decide that food is too far so I just drift off to sleep, dreading what's to come tomorrow.


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