Chapter 1

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Author's note: Hey D-bags! I've had this story for a while now in the chasms of my computer, so now I am FINALLY getting it out there. Enjoy!

Chapter 1:

Tyler’s POV:

I gathered my things from the giant pile of duffel bags tossed into a monstrous heap outside the mess hall, and headed towards my assigned cabin in my assigned area. I was too busy looking at a schedule of when wake up is, the times of breakfast, lunch and dinner ect. That I didn’t see the person directly in front of me, and bumped right into him, losing my balance, but not falling. 

He turned towards me, and glared, “Watch where you’re going,” he growled, obviously pissed. His eyes were red rimmed and irritated, and he had ever so slight bags underneath them. Besides being bloodshot, they were a deep, dark blue that reminded me of the ocean. 

I looked at him with a blank expression, not saying anything, which seemed to irritate him even more, “What? Get going!” he pushed me back, and a couple of people passing held their breath. 

Not quite knowing what I was doing, I held out my hand as I regained my balance, “Hi, my name’s Tyler.” He looked at my hand with a confused look on his face, then turned and brought his eyes to look into mine. 

“Tanner,” he reluctantly brought his hand to mine, and we shook once before he pulled away. I looked at him and smiled.

“Nice to meet you, Tanner,” I said and turned to walk away. He didn’t stop me, so I walked all the way to my cabin, Cabin B14 in sector B. The cabins housed four people, but they were cut into half by a wall, so only two people could stay in a room. I picked the room furthest from the door, seeing as I was the first one here, and started to set up my cot to my liking with the sheets and pillows set out. 

“You know those things are probably crawling with bedbugs,” A familiar voice said from the open door that led into the first room of the cabin. I turned around to see Tanner leading in the door way, his duffel bag slung over one of his shoulders. He looked at me, and then at the other cot across the room from mine. 

“This taken?” I shook my head and he threw his bag down next to the other cot. 

“So you’re in my cabin?” I asked, a ghost of a smile hinted on my lips. He started unfolding his own sheets that he brought out and tucking them onto the bed, and snorted. 

“Guess so. You’re the first kid to talk to me in this camp, so why not share a room with you? Fate has a weird way of doing things, yeah?” He finished dressing his cot to his liking and plopped down on it with a sigh.

“I don’t believe in fate,” I stated matter of factly. He looked at me with questioning eyes, expecting me to carry on, “But I do believe in Big Foot.”

He laughed smoothly and quietly, shaking his head slightly; it made my stomach rise and flutter for some reason. Suddenly two very loud boys entered the cabin, laughing and carrying on. 

“Oh man, did you see her face?!” one with bleach blond hair and snakebite piercings said. 

“Priceless!” the other, one with unnatural jet black hair with some gold streaks and a nose ring laughed back. Tanner cleared his throat, making our presences known. The black haired guy looked at Tanner first, then at me. He slapped his friend on the arm, getting his attention. 

“Ah, roomies,” his friend said, walking over to us, “I’m Aaron. That’s Jaryd. We’re buds, and are glad to be here,” he put his arm around Jaryd, who’s eyes had not left me this entire time. 

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