"Cheeseball? Aren't you writing love songs?" I pouted.

Tacey pressed her fingers on my forehead, pushing my head a little, "Not as too cliché and cheesy as this."

She chuckles and I look at her, amused. This is so unreal to be real. I never heard her laugh this way. And honestly, she got the most beautiful laugh.

"Look at this," she pointed out to words on the paper.

" 'I do not know what you wanted.

Would you like lilies or roses?

Please don't go or I'll be haunted.

Cos in my heart, you're the closest.'

"Like really? How could you even put it up in one verse? Its rhyming, yes. But jeez, its not the kind of song I'd like to sing."

"My thoughts for there is like the guy is willing to give the girl anything just so she won't go."

"You could express it in a better way, less the lilies and roses. Honestly, it sucks."

"Are you just gonna insult my writing skills?"

Actually, I did it in a rush and I didn't like what I wrote a bit. She's right. It sucks.

"I don't know. I've heard your songs, they're great but god. Have you lost your talent on that this time?"

"Wait, are you complimenting me?" I grinned at her.


"You said my songs were great."

"Did I?"

"Yes, you did."

She furrowed her eyesbrows thinking it through. There's no crinkles evident on her face. I wonder how she looks like without makeup.

"That's not the point," she snapped me out of my thoughts. "This sucks."

She waved the paper on my face. I was about to speak when there's a knock on the door.

"Come in." Tacey spoked with authority.

"Miss Morgan," Jessica got inside with the box of pizza in her hands. "Here's the pizza, just the way you want it."

"Thank you."

Jessica settled the box in front of us. She walked across the room to a mini fridge that I didn't notice that was there not until she opened it and brought out two Coke cans and put it on the table as well. Jessica walked out saying 'good night' for the both of us.

Tacey handed me one of the cans. She opened the box and the melted cheeze smells in the entire room.

"What's this?"

"Pizza, duh?" and I got another set of eye rolling.

"I mean, what flavor?" I got one slice and bit.

"Pepperoni pizza without the pepperoni."

I look at her wide eyed, "So we're eating a plain cheese flavored pizza."

"What? I don't like sausages and I love cheese."

"You're weird."

"Don't talk when your mouth is full." and she hit me in the arm.

I raised my hands, which were holding the Coke can and pizza respectively, in surrender.

"By the way, why order pizza? Don't you have a cook?" I asked her drinking.

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