Chapter 2

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Emily POV

I was walking inside the school because I was going to go put my stuff in my locker and I accidentally bumped into someone I really didn't want to see, Daniel.If you're probley wondering who the hell is Daniel, Daniel was my ex boyfriend .He is one of the popular kids like Anahi (well now he is).We looked at each other for a while until I cleared my throat and just walked away.The reason why I broke up with him was because he was cheating on me and with my bff Natalie.Yeah, I wanted to scream at her when I found out she was with him but before I did I asked her is she knew and she said no said so she then broke up with him .Sense we liked music I even wrote a song about him that no one knows about exept me and her and some that I wrote by myself only I know .So like right now me and her watch each others back and I really don't want to date anyone after my break up but I just know there is someone who is perfect for me .So after that I met up with the girls.

Sky's POV

I finished telling Emily about the contest but right now I am checking when are the auditions and how we are suppose to do it.But this contest was intense because they only could pick 2 groups and the judges/ were One Direction and Little Mix. But I didn't tell Emily that part though because then she would freak out and that it is in LA when we are in San Diego. Plus everyone in the group has to audition by themselves and all the judges had to like each of the members of the group.I explained to the girls that the auditions were on Saturday and the best part was that we were going on summer break so it was like hell yeah! But the only thing that got me to audition was that Liam Payne , my celebrity crush , was going to be there.

Liam POV

"Damn it's hella hot,"said Niall swing his cap back and forth to make some air.We had just arrived in LA ready to be the judges/coaches for the competition.

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