V. Reminiscing the Past

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~~~~ALDIE's POV~~~~

I know I promised to tell her everything she wants to know.

I know I guaranteed not to get angry. But knowing she might remember them, I can’t risk it. I almost lost her not only once but almost for the second time as well. Still for the same reasons. All because of them.

I sighed.

I won’t betray her. I know how it feels. I won’t let her feel that way towards me. I’ve decided to tell her everything I know right now. I looked for her.

And there she is in her usual spot. Reading. Not noticing anyone but her book and frappe. Not noticing familiar faces that I’ve seen since a couple of weeks ago in here as well. I don’t know if they are really regulars every Sundays at this cafe or not, but hell! I can’t let her stay in this place anymore not even just for 5 minutes knowing that she’s always surrounded with these ready-to-pounce-dogs.

I sighed again. "Keep calm Aldie Harris, she’s not even yours to begin with. Don’t act like an overprotective boyfriend." Urgh. When it comes to her, I’m losing it again. My reasoning. Being rationale with her is not an option for me. I’m always not like myself if it comes to her.

As usual, she doesn't know how she affects other people. Like her charismatic smile. It is one of a kind and you can’t even judge her personality as well because she’s really so kind. Though, she‘s the type of person who doesn’t really care of what others think about her. This is why she doesn’t know how beautiful she really is.

I approached her. Still engrossed on her book, I knock on the wood table. She looked up.

"Hi", I greeted her.

"Hi", she said and gave me a peck on the cheek. I still can’t get used to this. Her being so touchy and all. This was one thing I don’t know that even existed in her even before the accident. I like it so I never said anything against it. I’m still a guy wanting affection of the girl he adores.

She closed her book, laid it beside her and started talking by asking how my day and stuff about work was. We talked about her day as well and so on. We eventually ended up in this situation again. I’ve been avoiding her for a week or two now so I know that she’s been patiently waiting for the right time to ask me.

"Pii-Bii? Can you now fulfil your promise to answer my other questions?" She asked after a bit of hesitation.

I sighed again. How many times I sighed today just for this girl? Tsk. I just nodded.

There was a glint of happiness in her eyes at that moment. This is the reason why I don’t want to betray her. She trusts me so much.

"It’s been bothering me for some time now, but I still want to know. Who's Anika? Obviously, she’s someone I know. But I can’t seem to fully remember her. She seemed to be close with my mom though. I heard her visit at the hospital before, is she with me during the accident?"

"Yes." I answered. She gave me a questioning look. I know that look. "I know. What I meant was, yes is the answer to all your questions. Anika is I can say one of the closest friends you have when you entered high school. Your mom knows her. She was with you in the accident, but unlike you she survived the worst because of the feat she pulled. Two of your friends jump off the side door before your car got even crushed by the truck. She’s one of them. Luckily, when I saw them, I believed they only got scratches." I saw her get chills with the info she just heard.

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