Chapter 3

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You turn around in tears and see your mom grab you.

Mom- baby I never meant to say that

You-I'm sorry too momma

She lets you go

Mom- still want to come home

You- yes

Mom- okay we will be in the car. You got 5 min

You- okay

Mom and Madelyn walk away. Cam grabs you from behind. You laugh.

Cam- that's what I wanted to hear. So movies tonight at 9?

You- yes

Cam- okay I will text you

You- okay

Cam kisses your check and walks you to your moms car. He hugs you tight and you hug him tighter.

Cam- see you tonight beautiful

You- see you tonight handsome

You get in the car and you zone out the whole way there. You get home and run inside. You set your phone down and take a shower. You get out with a text from Cam.

Cam- hey beautiful its Cam

You- hey handsome

Cam- ooooo flirty huh? Haha

You- yes and you? Haha

Cam- only with you

You- 😉

Cam- hey I do the winking

You😉😉😉😉😉 x infinity

Cam- I like you... A lot 😉

You- I like you more

Cam- haha no way! So tonight, I will pick you up at 8:30 and we will watch a movie of your choice

You- okay but we agree

Cam- sounds good

You- okay see you in a few hours

Cam- okay beautiful, bye

You- bye handsome

You sit your phone down and run to your closet.

You- what to wear??? Ahhhhhhh!

Your mom came running in.

Mom- whats wrong

You- nothing to wear for my date

Tonight, well hangout.

Mom- how about this.

She pulls out high waisted short. And red dress shirt and vans.

You- yes!

You curl your hair and put eyeliner and mascara on. You run downstairs and hear a knock. It was Cam. You open the door.

Cam- wow!

You- you look wow yourself

Cam laughs

You- bye mom and Madelyn

They wave bye as you and Cam leave. You get in his car and he makes a snapchat

Cam- hey guys, with this beautiful girl tonight. Hashtag besties✌️

You- hashtag mega besties ✌️

Cam laughs

Cam- hopefully more than besties soon

You pause and blush

Cam kept on driving and you finally got to the movie and..

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