"Okay I'm ready!" I yell, running out of the room. I pulled the hem of my shirt down a little more while I locked the door. Zayn was waiting outside my hotel room as I got ready for the beach. "About time" he chuckles as we walked down the hallway. "Well yeah I can't just slip on shorts and go out shirtless" I snort. "True" he adds.

"I like your hair" he says, grabbing my braid. "Uh, thanks" I say. "It looks nice in a braid though" he explains. "Does it take you long to braid it?" he asks, turning the corner. "Not long, like 5 minutes tops" I say, walking behind him. "Nice" he says. We get to the backdoor that lead to the beach, he opened it and we walked out.

"They're at the net down there" I say, pointing to Harry and Liam passing the ball to each other. We walked over to the boys and was greeted by Louis first. "Well look who finally made it" he snickers. "No flash photography please" I say dramatically, flipping my braid back.

"Okay are you guys ready to play?" Liam asks, setting the volleyball on his hip. "Harry and Niall are on my team" Liam says. "Zayn and you are on Louis' team" he says. Louis takes us to one side of the net and the others go to the other side. "Whose serve?" I ask. "Yours!" Liam says, throwing me the ball. I catch it and go to the back corner.

I through the ball in the air and served it to Harry, who bumped it back. "I got it!" Zayn yells, hitting it in a weird way. It bounces off his arm and goes behind him. "Mine!" I yell, diving for the pass. I caught it just in time and Louis spiked it back over the fence. Niall tried to reach it but failed, giving us our first point.

Louis, Zayn and I all high fived each other and I got to serve again. "Oh don't let her serve again!" Harry whines. "I'll serve" Zayn says. I toss him the ball and trade him places. Niall was up front against the net and so was I. "You're going down" I smirk to him. "In your dreams" he smirks back.

Zayn hits the ball and it goes over the net, straight to Liam. He hits it hard and it hurdles over my head to Louis, who sets it to me. I jump as high as I could and spike the ball, only to be denied by Niall. I barely get the hit and the ball hits the ground. Niall, Harry and Liam all shout in unison as Louis helped me up.

"That was a nice hit though" Louis smiles to me. "Thanks, nice set too" I say back. Harry grabs the ball and runs to the serving point on his side. He serves the ball and it comes right to me. "Mine!" I yell, hitting the ball as hard as I could. Liam gets my shot and the ball hits his arm hard, flying high up into the air.

"It's coming back to our side!" Niall yells while looking up at the ball. Harry sets it to Niall, who hit it over the net to me. I jump high and deny the pass, shocking Niall. The ball flys past him and lands on the ground. "Yeah!" Zayn yells, high-fiving me.

For the next few hours we played volleyball and walked along the beach, letting the tide hit our ankles. Niall and I separated from the boys to walk with each other, just enjoying the scenery. He suggested that we hold hands since a few fans noticed us here and there.

"So what do you think of being with us so far?" he asks, holding onto my hand. "It's awesome" I smile, looking up at him. He was in his bathing trunks and his hair was down, along with ray bands over his eyes. "What has been your favorite part during these past two days?" he asks, looking at me. "Watching you guys perform is my favorite" I say, making him smile wide.

"And why is that?" he smiles. "Seeing how much passion you boys have on stage. The atmosphere at your concerts is the best, the fans love you boys so much Niall" I explain. He squeezes my hand lightly and I smile in return. "Well I'm gonna have to come to one of your shows sometime" he says, nudging my shoulder.

"And see you use that powerful voice you have" he chuckles. "Funny" I say, looking at little kids run into the water and screaming. I smile as a little boy pushes his sister into the water and laughs as she squeals. "Marley" I hear him say. "Yeah?" I ask, looking up at him. "What were you looking at?" he asks sweetly. "What?" I ask.

"You were smiling at something" he chuckles. "Oh, I saw a couple of kids and they were being cute" I say. He smiles and then starts laughing. "What are you laughing at?" I giggle, watching as he laughed so hard. "You and kids!" he says. "What I think they're adorable" I say in defense. "I know and they are, but you totally swoon over them" he says, readjusting my hand in his.

"I don't swoon over them" I say. "I just think they're cute" I add. "Well that's adorable" he says to me. I swat his arm with my other hand and he laughs at my pathetic attempt to shut him up. "So what else do you wanna do today? Before or after the show tonight" he asks. "Hmmm, I'm not sure" I shrug. "I have to get ready to leave tomorrow though" I add, looking up at him. "That's right, are you sure you can't stay a little while longerrr" he whines, leaning into me and burying his face into my shoulder.

I giggle and pat the side of his head. "Oh baby, I wish I could" I say in a baby-ish tone. "Pweeaaase" he begs into my shoulder. "I can't, my manager won't let me stay any longerrrr" I say back. "Awww" he pouts. "I know, but I will text you" I say back to him. We walked further down in silence until we got to a spot to sit down.

"So what time do you leave tomorrow?" he asks, leaning back on his arms. "10:45 is when the plane takes off" I say, laying down on my stomach. "Why are you leaving so early?" he whines, laying down. "Well I'm already gonna get home late anyway" I giggle. He grunts and puts his arms over his eyes.

"OH MY GOSH" I hear a girl's voice scream. I open my eyes and look over to Niall, who's mirroring my actions. Fans. "Ready?" he mouths to me. "Ready" I mouth back. Time to put our 'relationship' to the test.

Hi!! So the next update I'm gonna skip around a bit but I'll try not to confuse you guys. Thank you for all the reads and votes!

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