Elizabeth's Pov

We have just landed and we are heading to the new house. "Omg" is all I can think of.

"I know right," my mom said looking at my expression.

"It's beautiful. When did you buy the house,"

"When you were at school, but this is just a rent a house. When I get more money I'm going to get a house for our own," she explained.

"well let's go inside," she said with excitement.

I followed her inside and the inside was way more better than the outside.

"Wow," I manage to say.

"Go pick out your room," my mom told me.

I went upstairs to find a room.

And then I saw it. It was so huge and it was such a beauty. I found my perfect room and its attached to the bathroom. I was looking around the entire room. Then I saw a window that was open to my left.

And then I saw him. Looking at me from across the window.

He was very attractive, he had brown hair and his skin was fairly tan, I think his eyes were either blue or green I couldn't tell. He then smiled at at me. I froze like a pickup truck was going to hit me. I look away and I went downstairs I know stupid right but, I didn't know what to do.

"Hey mom," I said

"Hey beauty did you find your room yet?" she said

"Umm yeah," I said thinking about that gorgeous guy I just saw.

"So I was thinking that you needed a car to take to school," my mom said

That got my attention.

"Really!" I exclaimed.

"Yes of course," I said

"You wanna go now," she said.

"Um of course!" I exclaimed again

I always wanted a car, I don't know what kind of car but I'm sure I want a luxury car if I can get one. But then my thoughts were now thinking about that guy I saw.

Who was he?

What's his name?

"Liz lets go!", my mom yelled interrupting my thoughts.

"Coming," I yelled back.

I followed her outside and got in the car. Once my mom was pulling out of the drive way I saw him again.

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