Chapter 8

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You wake up and feel arms wrapped around you, you look over and see Luke you smile at how cute he looks asleep you get up and walk out to the balcony it's kinda cold so you stand up and look at the city view. you feel two strong arms around you , you turn around and face Luke. you smile at him while he leans over and kisses you

" my parents aren't going to be home till late." Luke says while walking inside you follow him. there was a knock at the door "who is that? I ask while I follow Luke to the door and Ashton is at the door "Hey come in." Luke says while shutting the door behind Ashton

"Kenzie I want to say sorry the other guys made me act like I didn't mean it." Ashton says while giving you a hug "it's fine." I say hugging him back. Ashton told Luke what happened "well I have to go see y'all later ." Ashton says while walking out of the door.

Luke sits down on the couch and you walk over to sit next to him but Luke grabs you by the hips and pulls you down onto his lap. Luke smiles at you and turns on the tv you look at him and smile he's so perfect his hair, his body, his lip ring makes every girl melts but I'm glad to be his girl he's already perfect is so many ways.

"Are you hungry?" Luke ask "yes." I reply while me and Luke walk over to the kitchen we make eggs,bacon, and toast. after we get done eating we drive over to my house to get my clothes and pajamas lily was there

" Hey Kenzie I'm sorry that I was mad at you I'm gonna have to accept that you are in love and I'm sorry and btw that Ashton kid is HOT!" lily says while hugging you "it's okay and I might can get yall together." I says while getting my stuff "I'm gonna stay with like for a while maybe you can come over and we can invite Ashton over also?"i say while looking at Luke " yeah that's fine lets go back to my house."

We drive back to Luke's house and you put your stuff up and sit down on the couch with lily. Luke pulls out is phone can calls Ashton after a few minutes of talking he hangs up "he's on his way now." Luke says while sitting next to me.

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