In another life part 4- first date

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Saturday! As soon as I woke up I check the clock up on my bed room's wall. It's already 9:30! I must've been so tired from last night at John's house! I even forgot the meet up with Austin. I checked my phone and there was message from Austin! Then I replied 'I'm on my way' to him. I rushed and I almost trip my own self on the stairs. After getting ready, I ran to my car and still have 20 minutes left before 10:30. I finally made it to the amusement park. As I was wondering around by myself I spotted Austin but with another girl. My heart was weird when I saw him laughing with some other chick. My heart tightened all of a sudden. My feet suddenly walked over to where he was. He noticed me and greeted me, hello. I didn't say anything to him at first then the girl he was with left. "Did you only got here now?" He asked. "Uh--nah!" That's all the words that can come out of my mouth at that time. Then he invited me to go get some ice cream since it was hot. Then we went walking around. But I was silent the whole time while he just Kept on talking. Then he finally asked me if I was ok? Then I said yeah just that--. I can't say anything else to him. I can't even asked what I wanted to asked from the beginning. It was awkward for a couple minutes then, "Hey! I um--" we both said it at the same time. He told me to go first since I'm a girl but I told him it was nothing and go first but he insisted. "So-- who was that chick you was with earlier?" I asked him then he suddenly smiled. "Why, are you jealous?" I turned my face and looked down on the ground cause I was ashamed. It was the first time in like forever I felt that way again. "No! No way! There's no way I could care who you're with, that's your business anyways." He looked at me with a poker faced kind of expression then he suddenly laughed at me like I said something funny. I got mad and started walking fast. He ran after me though then stopped me and I could tell he was trying to hold his laugh. "JUST LAUGH IT OUT LOUD ALRIGHT! Jeez!" I shouted at him. There he goes laughing again. When I was about to walked away from him, he grabbed my hand and hugged me. "You know, your really cute when you get mad?" He whispered it in my ear while still hugging me. I pulled myself away but he grabbed me again and hugged me more. "That chick I was with earlier was just an old friend. She was my senior back in high school. She's the one who thought me how to danced but I only tested her like my big sis and she thought if me as little brother." He explained. I suddenly felt relieved and didn't wanna let go. He whispers in my ear again and I finally let go. We went on the water rides. Then we went try the roller coaster. I never had fun like this with someone in the amusement park in a long time. I thought that was the greatest moment I had with someone I barely know. I was sitting in a bench at the park while waiting for him because he went and bought us something to drink for refresh. Then he finally came back. "Hey Austin!" I called out to him. "That's the first time I ever heard you say my name, Julie." He smiled. "Same thing goes for you, Austin!" Then we both laughed. "Today, I can say that I had a lot of fun with you today! Really! Hey! Why don't we take some selfies?" Then we took a lot of pictures including wacky, duck, and smiley faces. We rode some more rides, played games and even win some prices. My favorite one was the big bear he got for me. We. Was at the park until 11:30. Then he asked if I was hungry and I said yeah, then we went to a nearby restaurant and eat there. Food never tasted this good in a long time too for me. Right after we are, we went back to the park and hang some more. It was already 3:45 in the afternoon and we decided to go home. I just wished time stopped and stayed like that. While we're walking towards the parking lot, he suddenly asked what he meant to me. My heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to explode. Then I finally answered, "you're my friend of course!" That wasn't exactly what I wanted to say. I honestly didn't know what to answer him at that time. But those are the only words that came out of my mouth. He looked disappointed but then he smiled at me. I knew it was a fake one. Then I said goodbye as soon as I got to my car. Then he corrected me instead. "No! Don't say goodbye. It's see you later!" He said. Then he waved at me me and he left. I sighed and smiled as I went inside my car. I thought I my heart was going crazy! It just won't stop beating fast. Then I drove home.

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