Chapter 6

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Leisel and I walk through the woods until we reach the edge of the cornucopia. When we get close, I tell her to stay behind a large oak tree that I point to. I don't her to get killed this early in the game.

I sneak around several trees before I can actually see the full view of the cornucopia. I stay as low to the ground as I can so no one will see me.

I watch as Edward paces rapidly back and forth in front of the cornucopia while Bella just sits on the ground staring at him. They must really be enjoying not doing anything. How are you suppose to kill a vampire in a fight-to-the -death game anyway? It still doesn't make any sense to me.

I looks around for any sign of Rudy,but he's definitely not going to be here. Why the neck would he hand around two hunger vampires?

I back off from the edge as silently as possible so they won't hear me. When I find Leisel, I put a finger up to my lips and mouth, "He's not here."

She nods and I point to the opposite direction,away from the cornucopia, while walking in that direction. She follows quietly behind me for at least ten minutes until we are way out of Bella and Edwards hearing range.

"Bella and Edward are occupying the cornucopia." I say.

We hike up a steep hill while grabbing onto anything that can keep us from falling backward. I nearly trip on a rock sticking out of the dirt but I quickly hop over it.

"I thought they would be there." She says,just reaching the top of the hill and me following behind. "They're actually nice people."

I stop walking for a moment and turn to face her.

"Bella and Edward? The blood-sucking vampires?" I say .

"Yeah,I've met Bella and Edwards daughter,Renesme. She's really nice."

"They have a daughter?"


I stand there blank. I can't believe that they have a daughter and yet Leisel is telling me that they are nice.

"How are we going to do this?" I say sitting down on the ground to rest.

"What do you mean?"

"How are we going to kill them? How are they going to kill us? How are we going to kill each other?" I'm yelling now and I know I shouldn't. I hope no one hears me but I truly don't care anymore. All my life I have been told to be cautious about what I say against the Capitol and the Games but now I just want to let it all out. It's not like they can take it out on my anyway because I'm already practically dead.

"I know." She says almost silently while looking down at the ground.

"It's just so....wrong! I begin. "The Capitol expects us to kill each other including the ones we love,yet we do it anyway!"

I take a large breath and look away.

"The world has gone mad." I finish.

We stay silent for the rest of the time. I find myself thinking about the Capitol and how they are all watching this right now. They heard every word that I said From beginning to end. I just hope those insane people understand that this is real life....not a show.

I get up and motion Leisel to follow me.

"Where are we going?" she asks me.

"To find water. if Rudy is smart enough then he'll be looking for water."

She just follows right behind me as we continue hiking through the woods without a word between us.

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