Chapter 9: Good Morning

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Violet's P.O.V

I watched my sister come home on the back of a large orange red wolf. I guess that's my mom and grandma was the grey one. When they came into the house, I wanted to see her but I got shocked from the door knob.

"Ow" I said and then Charlotte woke up

"What's the matter"

"Scarlett's home and I'm trying to get out of here but I just got shocked so I guess were stuck in here"

"Mom probably used her magic on the room"

"Yeah your right"

We sat their in the room until grandma came and opened the door

"Girls get up your sister is home"

Scarlett's P.O.V

The last thing I remember is finally sitting down by my favorite tree and rested there until I fell asleep. I was in a really deep sleep and had this strange dream. It was about this big black wolf with these bright green eyes, I've seen these eyes before but where did I see them. I don't remember though, but the dream was strange me and the wolf seemed to have this odd connection. Me and the wolf were in the woods when all of sudden I heard this loud creak and turned around and saw this other wolf it snarled at me and I snarled back it went to go attack the black wolf but I didn't let it I launched myself at it and threw it to the ground and bit open it's neck. and then I had woken up gasping for air and sweating.

I was in my room when I woke up. and that's when the memories from last night started flooding through my mind I remembered everything.

I went and got on some clothes and went down stairs. Everybody was in the kitchen eating breakfast and when I walked in my sisters had this terrified look on their faces and mom and grandma looked mad at me.

"Um good morning everybody" I said to all of them

"Good morning Scarlett " mom said and I sat down at the table

"Scarlett we have to talk about what happened last night" grandma said and I nodded

"Do you remember what happened or what you did last night?" mom said

"Yeah I remember everything, I came home and collapsed an then you told us the truth, and then you locked me up in a cell, then I escaped and ran into the woods. and ran away until morning and somehow ended up in my bed." I said to them

"Do you remember that we ran after you when we saw you about to rip that black wolves throat out an you left him with a big gash on his face." mom said

"Yes I remember that and I know you are the ones who brought me home" I started getting angry and that's when my grandma stepped in

"Listen dear you are going to have to learn how to control yourself on full moons, when there's a full moon we tend to lose control, so within time you will learn that each full moon you will have to contain yourself the best you can." she said to me and then my mother nodded

"So ladies I hope you all aren't mad at me for keeping this away from you" mom said

We all nodded no and I wasn't angry with her anymore because last night when I was running I thought about it the whole time and I understand that she was protecting us for our own good. Then they both smiled at us

"So today will be the first day of your learning, it will start from learning simple spells and positions, then we will test your strengths and what elements you can perform. tommorw you guys will be going into training, you will meet some of your cousins and they will teach you how to fight and protect yourself's"

We all nodded at grandma and went down stairs to the basement.

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