Chapter 3: ▶▶BIG BROTHER ←→•

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marcel Pov

It was about 10 minutes of fixing the system and of lisening to harry flirt. all he did was make crude remarks and she let him. now I lost all respect for her, she is not a well mannered " im not taking shit from anyone person". shes like every other girl, they meet my twin brother who is 2 minutes older than me. when I was young I had my first girlfriend and yes I had sex before. anyways I came home from school and was going to plan my 6 month anniversary with my girlfriend at 7:00. I get home at 6:30 & im watching them talk, peeking behind the kitchen door. I hear her say " baby be rough, do what ever you want wihth me, marcel isnt back yet"

then I got a closer look and she was sucking it off. while she was doing that I was pissed and took a video. I still went out to eat dinner with her otherwise it would have been suspicious.

the next morning, im fully energized and burn the disk of the video. I sent that video to the first 20 people I saw, including teachers. after that incident I was known as a bad ass. I didnt want thaf style so I turned needy and its not working. im going to CHANGE.

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