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"Rachel, stop pacing! You're more nervous than me..." Kurt says, worrying that he isn't as nervous as he should be. It is his wedding day after all...

He reassures himself that it's because him and Blaine have been in each others lives for so long that he is completely ready for the next step in their relationship. He can't wait to be able to call Blaine his husband. 'Husband', he thinks, 'I love that word.'

Rachel is helping with his tie and making sure everything looks perfect. She could not be more excited for his best friends getting married. She admires how much they love each other. She hadn't felt anything like that since Finn ...

Mercedes, Tina, Brittney, and even Santana are helping make sure everything with the ceremony is perfect. Santana knows Kurt and Blaine are supposed to end up together, obviously, because of her Mexican psychic third eye.


"Okay guys which one, there's a blue and purple polka dotted one, a green and yellow striped one, or this one has three colors and its zig zag!" Blaine says excitedly, trying to figure out which bow tie to wear.

Sam is the first to respond by saying, "Dude, I know I'm not into fashion like you or Kurt but even I know you can't wear those on your wedding day! There's too many colors an-" then he goes into a speech about how Blaine always wears too many colors and how he needs to be more subtle. Honestly, Blaine blanks out after he realizes how hideous the bow ties he picked out are. Sam hands him two bow ties, one light pink and one red. He tries both of them on and asks the guys what they think. It's unanimous, he will wear the red. He takes the tie from Sam and starts to tie it around his collar. Blaine takes one last look in them mirror, fixing his hair into that perfect little curl he always wore, before telling the guys to leave.

He reassures them that he will be out in a couple minutes. Sam stays back a minute to help Blaine tie his bow tie and give him a hug. Sam would never admit it but he felt like he was going to cry in that moment. He knew how happy Kurt made Blaine and it soothed him to know that out of the many 'High School Sweethearts' he always hears about, Kurt and Blaine were actually going to make it. He selfishly hoped it would be him and Mercedes but he knew deep down that they would get their time to shine as well. He was just so happy for his best friend.

After a long hug, Blaine thanked Sam and sent him out of the room, closing the door behind him. There was one more thing he had to take care of before he could marry the love of his life.


Kurt blushes when Mr. Shue comes in to see him, holding baby Daniel in his arms. He quietly kisses the babies forehead because he's asleep and doesn't want to wake him. Mr. Shue then tries to hold back tears as he thinks of the many times in glee club he had always hoped Kurt would get a happy ending and it was finally here. Seeing Kurt this happy made Mr. Shue absolutely sure that teaching the Glee club had been the best decision he had made in his entire life.

Kurt's dad and Carole are just joining them because they have been running around arranging all of the flowers and decorations; making sure this is the best day of their son's life. Kurt's dad gives Kurt the biggest smile and a tear falls from his eye. This is unusual as anyone who knows Burt would know, he never cries. "The alter looks great" his dad says. And Carole adds "Especially with the red roses, absolutely breathtaking". Kurt sheds a tear at his moment as well (the first of the entire day, he might add).

He listens as his dad gives him one last speech about marriage and about how even when Blaine gets on his nerves and it seems like it will never work out, it will. Kurt knows this more than anyone will ever know. He and Blaine had had more fights than...well anyone he had ever known. But they always made up, in more ways than one. Either way, he knew that any problems they would face, they would face together. He knew he loved Blaine. They were soul mates, best friends, lovers. Their hands were meant to hold each other, fearlessly and forever.

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