Chapter 13: Blessing and a curse 

The next morning we both were exhausted. No lie, we probably did it about 3 more times last night. 

I woke up with Dawnte’s arm around me, I was awake before he was. He looked adorable when he slept, his eyelashes were long and curled up, he was perfect. I turned to face him and stared at him sleeping for a couple seconds. I then got closer to him and kissed his nose waking him up.

“Mmm.” he groaned turning the other way putting his back towards me putting a pillow over his head. 

Dawnte had another tattoo on his back. It was the initials “R.E” and under it was the year “2004” in roman numerals.

Jesus, how many tattoos does this guy have??

“Dawnte.” I said tugging him like a little girl.

“What Candice?” he groaned still sleepy

Gosh his sleepy voice was pretty hot.

“Wake up!” I said hitting him with my pillow.

“Babe go back to sleep.” he said

“No! You have some explaining to do.” I said getting on top of him nudging him.

He took the pillow away from his face and set it under his head.

“Good morning beautiful.” he said smiling.

I leaned in and put my nose against his.

“You know what my favorite thing about you is?” I asked him smiling

“My dick.” he said smirking

“Shut up.” i said hitting his arm.

“Oww!” he smirked rubbing the spot where I hit him.

“I love your smile.” 

“Really? Why?” he responded trying not to smile but couldn’t hold it back.

“It’s cute.” I said giving him a peck on the lips/

“What the hell, I’m not cute I’m manly.” he said smirking.

I laughed at his response.

“But your smile is perfect.” i said

“Everything about you is perfect.” he said gently running his fingers on my cheek.

“Stop lying.” I said smirking

“I’m not.” he said smiling

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