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I met Tony in a lonely, little library. It was unexpected given how he appeared. I'm not sure what to expect as I get ready for this date. He's all whoa and I'm...oh. I'm sure he's thinking the same thing, I shouldn't let myself get down about it.

He said over text that he was taking me out bowling. It's a weird pick since it's...not the most played thing in today's world. It'll be fun! I have to convince my nerves to calm down. That's when the doorbell rang.

"Hi!" I nearly squeaked as he arrived at my door. I dressed pretty normal as did he so I knew I was doing everything right so far.

"Hey." His voice was calm. I blushed. "Ready to go?"

"Sure thing." I nodded, grabbing my purse and quickly leaving with him.

There's something about driving in someone else's car for the first time. My heart was pounding and I was looking around. It smelled like vanilla from the air freshner dangling from the window and the interior, half-leather and half-material, looked brand new. 

"You okay?" He asked me.

"Yeah, why?" I asked him, giggling and trying to keep my composure. I may have been confident that night at the library, but right now...I'm about to lose it.

"You seem tense." He emphasized the 's' on his last word. 

"I'll admit a little." I blushed, staring blankly out the windshield. I didn't want to look at him as I was shocked he was really here.

"Really? Why?" He continued asking questions.

"You're you." I shrugged. "You're very...attractive to me."

"Well, you're not so bad yourself." He playfully nudged me. I anxiously giggled back. "No, but really. I think you're very beautiful."

"Wow, um, thank you." I could barely keep my breath.

We arrived at the bowling alley. It was full but empty. There was the right amount of people there for it not to be crowded or awkward.

"Awesome. I haven't bowled in years." He smiled as he tied up his shoes. He looked up at me and winked, causing me to blush severely.

"Any reason why you picked this?" I asked him, tying my shoelaces.

"I don't know." He shrugged, looking around and holding a ball. "I wanted something different than just a stereotypical dinner or a movie."

"Nice." I nodded. "Different is good."

"Definitely." He nodded at me and went ahead, rolling the ball down the lane.

It was a great date. He ended up winning. We agreed that neither would go easy just because it was a date. We learned so much about each other and it ended up, we had a lot in common. I couldn't wait to hear more from him. 

"I had a great time." We stood in the moonlight in front of my door. 

"Yeah, me, too. I hope to see you more." He blushed. "I know it's sudden, but...can I kiss you?" I paused, silent for a few seconds but nodded with a genuine smile on my face.

He leaned in. His face fogged in my vision as he came close. My eyes closed gently as our lips met. His were soft and moist as mine weren't cracked but dry. His hand cradled the back of my neck and the other held the small of my back. I held his face in my palms. 

"Okay, don't care it's the first date. I need this." I moaned as our kiss grew heavier. I fumbled in getting the door handle to open. 

We both tripped inside, our lips barely parting. He quickly unzipped his jacket and threw it on my couch. I twisted my shirt over my head. Tony came quickly to my aid as I screwed up the zipper to my jeans. 

"Come on, come on." I complained, finally it came undone and my pants were at my ankles. I stepped out of them.

"Eager?" He chuckled, grabbing his shirt over his head. He had amazing ink. I wondered if he'd get more.

"Definitely." I smiled, unhooking my bra and wiggling out of my panties.

"Let's do this." He grabbed me up, twisting my legs around his hips.

Our lips never parted as we made our way to the bedroom. I dropped onto the bed as Tony's next move was attacking my neck and working his way down. I gripped his hair as he pecked down my hip bone. 

"Tony..." I moaned lightly as his tongue lightly toyed with me. I started to help him by using my fingers. 

My head tilted back as his tongue worked wonders. I jolted forward as I felt fingers curved into me. He gave a smirk as I gasped, wide-eyed and staring at him. His hair was tangled and his eyes were closed, focusing hard on his work. My body rocked with waves of pleasure.

"You're so amazing." He groaned in a husky voice, coming up and kissing my neck again and again. I could tell he was afraid to be rough with me, it was our first time. 

I sat up and he stood on the floor before me. His erect member was bulging, nearly out of his boxer-briefs. I slipped it out and started playing with the tip. He gave a crooked smile as my mouth wrapped around him. I engulfed his member in my mouth. His body trembled and his eye twitched in a relieved motion. His hands gripped my shoulders at first and quickly, gently brushed my hair back like a gentleman. He held it up as I tried my best on him. Blowjobs weren't my specialty.

"Did I do okay?" I asked him, wiping my mouth. He nodded gently and his body overcame mine. 

He was on top of me, intently looking downwards to line up correctly. He slowly pushed in, letting me ease into it. His thrusts started to pick up pace as our pleasure matched the squeaking of my cheap bed.

"Tony." I breathed as his own breath chilled down my neck. I was latched onto his neck as his lips pecked my shoulder with every thrust. "I'm close."

"Me, too." I felt his smile on my collarbone. 

In a few more thrusts our bodies trembled together. That knot released and a tiny, billion tingles rushed over every part of my body. He quickly pulled out and let himself go on my sheets, no big deal.

"That was amazing." I breathed. He collapsed next to me.

"Yeah." He smiled at me. "Sorry it happened so fast."

"What are you talking about, it was perfect." My heart pumped fast, not from the activity but from something else. True love.

"My body's going crazy. I think I might love you." He shook his head and stared at the ceiling.

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