Chapter 5

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~Ashtons POV~

It was so sudden. She likes me?!?! Was all I could think of through the kiss. She pulled back really quickly though. "What?" I asked maybe a little to quickly. Then she laughed a sarcastic laugh and slapped her head. "What was I thinking?" She mumbled, but loud enough to were I could here. "I don't know" I answered her even though I knew I shouldn't have. She laughed even louder. "I'm such a idiot!" She pulled at her hair lightly. "Whats wrong?" She chuckled a rude chuckle. "I have Niall, so why do I want you so badly?" She looked at me with true confusion.

"I-i don't know.." I stutterd looking down at my hands. "Of course..." She mumbled. "Why are you being so rude to me? I mean your the one who kissed me, you know? You lead me on. Not the other way around." I frowned. She sighed. "I know Ash. Sorry." She gave me a half hearted smile. "Um.. You should go..." I looked at her with disbelief. I threw my hands up in the air. "Right, Bye Zoey" I ted turning around and sticking my hands in my pockets.

~Later that evening~

I layed down on my bed. My drum set was sitting in front of me. Just then I heard the wind blow outside of my room. I sighed and turned on my TV, Teenae Mutan Ninja Turtles was on. I settled  for that and went to my Bathroom to take a qucik shower and brush my teeth.

~Zoeys pov~

I was walking pretty fastly as the wind kept up. I shuttered rubbing my arms. I can't believe I was doing this. I looked up at the window, it was open I mine as well go up there. I grabbed the fire escape latter and clmbed it. It was just a short think latter that only rose to his room. Why was it there? I thought to myself. I got to the tipy top and put my hands on the window ledge. I pulled myself up and fell into the room. Ashton screamed and I screamed at the same time. Holy shit. He was shirtless and just in boxers. I starred at his bare chest it was muscular, not full of abs, but muscular. He had some pretty to- "Can I help you?!" Ash interupted me starring at him. "Oh.." I awkardly rubbed the back of my neck. "I just wanted to appoligise. His hair was really drippy and shaggy he probably just got out of the shower.

"Well, could you have just called me?" He smiled lightly. "Yeah.. But wheres the fun in that." I chuckled at my self as I noticed my arm was bleeding. "Shit." I murmerd looking at it, it was a farely long gash. Probably cut it on the window. "Oh. Let me look at that." He grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the bed and sat me down. He stared at it for a minute before running to the bathroom to grab a bandaid and some peroxside.

I took this time to look around his room. It was full of posters. His clothes were everywhere. I chuckled as I noticed his boxers on his TV. He was watching Teenage mutan ninja turtles, I giggled at how childish he was. Niall wasn't... I shook that thought out of my head as Ash came back into the room with the stuff.

"Back." He smiled and sat next to me. HE had a rag and put it under my arm and poored some peroix side on it. I gasped a little as it stung. He chuckled and put a band aid on it. I rubbed my band aid and smiled at him. "Thanks." I blushed. "No problem." He got up and ran back to his Bathroom to put the stuff away. But came back like 1 minute later.

"So.." He said chuckleing a little at the awkwardness. "Look... Ash-" He cut me off by placing his lips on mine at first I was surprised. I didn't know what to do, but then I just closed my eyes. After what felt like forever we had to breathe so he pulled away gasping. "Look Zoey, like you. I like you more than you probably like me." I chuckled. "I don't think thats all true. I can't stop thinking about you, Ash." He laughed lightly shaking his head. "Same. But I couldn't stop thinking about you since the moment I laied my eyes on you. It was crazy." I laughed a little.

"I think I'm going to talk to Niall.." I said grabbing his hand and interwining are fingers. "Thats sounds good." He smiled and kissed my nose causing me to giggle.

We spent the rest of the time watching Re-runs of Teenage mutan ninja turtles.

~Harrys POV ~

I was walking down the street, my hands cupped under my arms. Fuck you Tomlinson. I thought. He just broke it off. I hate him. Kicking me out of his car, all I needed to know was why!! Is that so hard to answer. All he did was shake his head.

"Hey!" I heard a thick Irish accent yell, I looked around thinking I was loseing my mind. I was in the middle of an Ally way and no one was around. Just then a Blonde babe was next to me, he had a coat in his hands. "You need this?" He chuckled. "My hero." I mumbled he just lightly smiled. "Niall? Right?" I asked. "Yeah." I laughed. "What are you doing out here?" He pointed forward. "Just heading home." I made an oh.

"What about you?" He asked as he furrowed his eyebrows. "Fucking Dick of a boyfriend just broke it off." It was his turn to make an ogh. "Why? IF yo dont mind me asking." He chuckled. "I don't know." I sighed.

"Well his loss." He gave me a warming smile. What was that suppose to mean? I had a goofy grin on my face as we walked closer to his house. "Hey, wanna hang out some time?" I asked, the words just kind of flew out of my mouth. He had an emotionless look on his face, then I got nervous I just made him unconfertable. "Sure." He smiled. "Here my number." He grabbed my Phone and typed in real quickly, "Call me?" He smiled and walked up his steps. "Yeah..." I smiled as he opened his door and went in.

I felt giddy? Why though. He's not even into guys. Not like he would ever like me. I looked at his name, It said 'Niall ;)' a winky face... Whats that suppose to mean? Probably nothing. I sighed and walked the rest of the way home in Nialls coat.


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