Extra: Levi's p.o.v

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Here's Levi's point of view of things because of the votes I got in just two weeks. I seriously love and appreciate you all so much!! You guys have no clue!!! ;3;


Levi's p.o.v

I lay on my couch and start reading a book that I bought on my way home. As I'm reading, I tuck my hand behind my head to prop myself up, so I wouldn'y hurt my neck, and end up drifting asleep. Out of nowhere I feel a nice warm sensation grazing across my lower lip.

I feel the warmthness leave from my lip and instead feel a softness enveloping my body. I open up an eye, and see Eren walking away from me.'Now I can't let a meal escape so quickly now can I?' I wrap my hand around his waist and pull him down into the couch with his back facing me.

"Levi!? I thought you were alseep!" I felt him shiver. "Mmmmm. I was until I smelled a juicy meal right next to me." I say as I smile while I pushed my face into the back of his head. "Mmmmm!!!" I loved the way he reacts to when I touch his weak spots. "I thought you needed some rest since you have come home pretty tired from working so late."

"I am pretty tired but I can't let this meal go by," I start to say as I slip my hand down to the front of Eren's waist line, "now can I?" At the moment I touched the band of his underwear, I heard him whimper. "Oi. Eren. You wanna play that game with me?" I say as I trace my finger down his v-line, going further in running my finger at the base of his shaft.

"Aaahhh~~~!" I chuckle in his hair as he moaned. "I am going to take that's a yes. Heh. Man, this'll be a really great full meal that I am going to savor as much as I can." I smirked in Eren's head. I make a small circle with my finger at the base of his shaft. I lean and whisper into his ear.

"Don't you think so, brat?"  I felt him shiver against me as I whispered his nickname sensualy. "Mmm...hahh~~~ L-lev- aaahhhuh- i!" I feel Eren bringing his hands behind and sqeezed my upper thighs hard. I push up against Eren's back rubbing my erection against his ass.

"Uhhhggg.. Eren!" I couldn't take it and wrapped my hand around Eren's shaft and begin to stroke him slowly. "Guhhh! Hah! Ahhhaaa!!!~~~" I slide my other hand up the front of Eren's shirt and play with his nipple. I pinch, swirl my finger around it, and twist it earning myself a groan from Eren.

Eren throws his head back over my shoulder and I press my tounge on his neck. I ran it from his collarbone to his chin and gave him a kiss on his jaw. "L-levi...Haahaa..p-please let's...mmmnnah...not do thi-Ahaa!!... here!"

I move up to his ear and nibble at it. "Oh? Why not? I see your little present here begs to differ." I say as I squeezed his shaft, stroking faster. "Aaaahhhh!!" Eren bucks up and I go down to his jawline and press my teeth under his jawline and slide down to his shoulder keeping the same pressure all the way.

"Nnnggghhhh!" I bite his shoulder hard and hear Eren moan loudly.

"Seems like I found another weak spot, brat." I then wrap my index finger and thumb into the shape of a ring around the base of Eren's hardened shaft, and squeezed harder.

"Gggguuuggghh!! Gaahhhahh!!" Eren shifts to let me have more access to his cock. I pull my hand out of his drawers and unzip my pants. I pull at the sides of Eren's pants and get them off, stopping at his thighs. I run my finger on his pelvis and push down.

Eren bucks and starts to pant. I saw droplets of sweat running down his forehead. 'God Eren. I don't want any body to see you like this, ever!' I break from my thoughts and shudder as Eren starts to palm me."E-eren...ghh...don't..." I pull his hand away and ubutton the top of my pants.

I pull my underwear down and feel my penis jump out. "L-levi..." Eren reaches down and spreads his ass. "I-I.... can't.... wait....anymore..." He says between pants. "I can hardly wait either, Eren." I graze the tip of my erection at Eren's puckering hole and smear my precum around and over it.

I start to push in and grunt at the feeling. of going into Eren. "Eren." I push in deeper and deeper. "Hahhh! You ready Eren?" I heard him yelp as he moved. I grunted at the delicious feeling. "Hahh... Well I guess now I can begin moving huh?" I see him nodding desperately. "Ugh!" I thrusted up into him with so much force that Eren was also pushed up.

"Aaaahhh!!~~~~~ S-so deeeeep...inside!! Haaaahh!~~~ Ngghhh!!" I thrusted repeatedly grunting each time. I hear Eren moan and see him drool. 'Ghh guess I found your sweet spot!'  "Er-kuh...en!! Your so...hhhhnnn...hot and tight...ghhhhmm!" Eren turns his head to face me and I bite his bottom lip softly.

"Hhhahhhhh L-levi!!!" I sit up and pull Eren to a sitting position in my lap. I wrap my hands around Eren and thrust up. Every thrust made Eren bounce up and down. He leaned into me and threw his head back over my shoulder. "E-Erennnhhh!!! Eren!!.....Eren!!" I bite down into his neck and suck.

"Haahhhhh!!! Levi!!!~~~~~" I felt him buck up and close his legs as he came. "Mmmmmmnnn!!" I pant harder and shudder at his orgasm. "Hnnnnnggghh!! Eren!!" I hold him tighter, press my face into his back and buck into Eren, as I came inside him. "Mnnnnn..ahhhh.."

We both fall back on the couch on our sides breathing heavily. Eren turns his whole body around to face me and puts his hands on the sides of my face. He smiles and giggles at me. "Whats so funny brat?" I say as I catch my breath.

"Nothing. I just love the way you look after you have had a full meal." I stare at him and kiss him. Eren blushes and looks down."Heh. Guess I forgot to take a long nice sip from my favorite drink." I smirked ar Eren as I got up. Eren sits up not knowing what I was going to do.

Until he saw me kneel down infront of him. "L-levi? I thought you were done and satisfied with...the...m-meal you just had..." He said as he looked at me. I smirked at his wide eyes. "Well I have to wash that delicious meal down with something, right?"

I go to pull Eren's pants down to his ankles and grab his cock. I put a finger at the base of his shaft and run it up to his head and poke at it. "Mnnnnhh!" I saw his cock twitch as it started to lift up. "You'll be glad once I'm done with my drink." I put my hand behind his rising erection and lay it on my palm.

I stick my tounge out and run it from the base of his shaft to the bottom of his head. I run my tounge over the slit of the mushroom head and feel it getting harder. I blow air into the head and see Eren shiver. He brings his hand up and bites down on his wrist trying to hold back his moans.

I take his hardened member into my mouth slowly. "Hgggnnnn!!!!" Eren throws his head back and thrusts into my mouth. I swirl my tounge all around his tip and shaft. "...haaaahhhh....nnnnngghhh...L-lev- aaaahhhh~~~"

I start to bob my head quickly. I felt Eren grabbing my hair and pushed me down. Eren's chest touches the top of my head as he leaned over me. "L-Levi....I- I'm...gon - na...cum....Aaahhhhnnnn!!!" Eren thrusts into my mouth and came. I gulped down the salty hot liquid and let go of his member.

"That was a really warm delicious thick drink. Thanks Eren." I say as I wiped the cum from my lip and licked it. I snuggle up to him and kiss his forehead. "I love you my little brat." I say as I hug him. "Hahh...I..love...you..too..."

With that we both fell into a warm, exhausted, sticky, sleep.

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