The akward car ride

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I'm standing at Rydel's door getting ready to go in. I knocked and the door swung open letting me see who opened it; Ross. "Come in.." he said. I walked in and sat on the couch. Rydel came running down into the living room and fell over on the couch.  I sat there watching her. She got up and grabbed my hand and dragged me into the car. Stormie and Mark and Rocky where already int he car. Ocky was sitting playing on his phone and Sormie and Mark where talking about getting a new car or something. Ross ran out of the house charging for the car and jumping in. Rydels shoved me in making me get shoved into Ross. I looked at her and glared and she just shrugged hopping in next to me. Riker got in and they drove off. It was a hour drive so Iput my knees up on the seat and lied my head down on Ross's shoulder and fell asleep. I woke up by someone jabbing me in the chest. "What?" I mumbled looking at who was jabbing me it. It was Rydel. She grinned and pointed to someone. I turned my head and saw Ross sleeping. She shoved me toward him slowly. "I do not like him!" I loud whispered. Well that was a lie I did like him. She shrugged and shoved me as hard as ever into Ross and me collasping on him and waking him up. HE jerked up Rydel laughing. "Rydel!!" I hissed. Ross looked at me akwardly and then at Rydel. I was still lieing there as like 7 minutes went by. I finally sat up me and Ross still staring at eachother. We pulled into a tall building. "We are here!!" Stormie said unbuckling her seat belt. We all jumped out and Rydel again, pushed me into Ross as I was getting out of the car making me fall out and hitting him and making us both fall over on the ground. "Rydel!"Ross yelled at her getting up and me standing up to. I hit her arm and giving her a 'What the frick' look.

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