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So, down here on the mortal earth, the Fates and all their lovers, friends, and foes don't actually exist (sadly enough)... However, there are some lovely and talented actors/actresses in reality who just might fill the role of bringing your favorite characters to life!

This page includes the OFFICIAL CAST that's already in place, plus CASTING CALLS for open slots!!!  Scroll toward the bottom if you're interested in suggesting actors/actresses for the un-cast roles :)

~~~ The Fates Official Cast ~~~

As you may know, the 12 'main' characters of Book I of The Fates have already been cast. You can check out the photo lineup in the media box (and on the Pinterest, if you want to zoom in - the link is on my profile)!

Though none of these actors are completely perfect for their roles (I'm a perfectionist about that sort of thing), they're plenty good enough!! with the exception of Jensen Ackles as Axel... yeah, he's pretty much perfect.

And in the particular pictures that I found for the photo lineup, these people are virtually spot on for how I envision the characters physically! ;)

Shenae Grimes ..... Clotho / Cloe Turner

Amber Heard ..... Lachesis / Lacey Weaver

Phoebe Tonkin ..... Atropos / Atria Shearer

Stephen Amell ..... Rider / Ryder Campion

Charlize Theron ..... Chaos / Charliese Primor

Matthew Morrison ..... Prof. Trevor Mason

Henry Cavill ..... Eldor Ambrose

Jensen Ackles ..... Axel Golde

Lucas Till ..... Donal / Dan Hollis

Ian Harding ..... Tom Colbeck

Michelle Krusiec ..... Silvia Lee

Diane Lane ..... Ananke

Feel free to comment on how much you love or hate any of these casting choices! ;)

For now, I'm pretty set on the lineup that I've chosen, as I put a LOT of thought and research into this cast when I created it - I'm happy to explain my choices if you ask!

BUT still, I'm always happy to hear out fans' reactions and suggestions!! :)


Below are the roles currently open for casting!! With descriptions of their roles, in case you need a reminder ;)

Got an actor/actress to nominate? Fire away in comments! If a casting choice receives lots of support from the Fandom, I just might add it to the official cast :D

Chrysaor (Rider's companion)

Dictys (Rider's fatherly mentor)

Ames (Donal's father, the archer)

Shulgi (king of Sumerian Empire)

Gilgamesh (Mesopotamian hero)

Ronan Golde (Axel's brother)

Katherine Weaver (Lacey's mom)

Bentley Weaver (Lacey's dad)

Madeline Weaver (Lacey's sister)

Tess Fagan (Lacey's bridesmaid)

John Turner (Cloe's dad)

Noelle Campion (Ryder's sister)

"buzz cut dude" (from the nightclub in Episode 1) (Thanks @Ms_Kay125 for the suggestion!)

"bakery chick" (whom Lacey met in Athens, Scene 5.3) (Thanks @kaspeyk for the suggestion!)

The Guild boy (grey-blue eyes & freckles, Scene 5.10) (Thanks @kaspeyk for the suggestion!)

And let me know if there are any other characters you'd like to cast! I'm happy to include them :)

Thanks, you guys!! Let's bring these characters to life ^.^

Upcoming chapters of of FFHQ will take us to particular places on the mortal earth: the Palace in the City by the Seacliffs... In Da Club with Atria... Veriton College... Sterling Law... etc. ;)

And there will soon be updates on the Olympics as well! Thank you all so much for your interest in the contests :D

Hope you'll stay tuned and add FFHQ to your reading list to keep up with the updates! Much luv always to my dear Fatefuls! ♥

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