chapter 21

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Cassadee POV

    Ross and I were sitting on the couch with his laptop in his lap.  The rest of his family woke up and they were all eating pancakes.


   Ross was on twitter and I was getting annoyed. I took his laptop from him. I tweeted everyone.


       Ross is forgetting what he has planned to do today.

          - Ross' favorite girl!

  I logged out of his twitter account and opened up a word document. I titled it, Wedding Planning.

            Plan of action:

    1. When? Decide what day.

    2. Where? Got to go venue shopping.

    3. Who? How many guests are there?

    4. Rent Tux, buy dresses.

    5. Color scheme

    6. Bridal party

    7. Bridal shower

    8. Dress rehearsal

    9. Honeymoon

   10. Ring shopping

   11. Food

   "K. This is what we have to do. If you can think of anything add it. " I said. Ross read the list. When he finished he grabbed my hand and held it.

    "Let's start with when." Ross said.

    "OK. Well we said in the fall. So that gives us like three months." I said.

    "OK." He said typing something on his computer. "How about we have the wedding in November?"

    "I was thinking that. Oh add decorations to the list." I said.

     "OK. Now the question is, what day do you want the wedding on?" He asked.

     "Well we can't have it on the first because of Rocky's birthday,  the eighth because of Riker's birthday, or on the third Thursday of the month because of Thanksgiving." I said.

      "How about, on a Saturday?" He asked.

     "OK. I like that. But which day?" I asked.

     "How about this day here!" He said showing me the day.

     "I like it!" I said. Ross typed the day onto his computer. 

     "Let's go!!" Ross said.

     "Where?" I asked as he pulled me up from the couch.

     "Connor you coming?" Ross asked.

     "Yeah. Let's go! See you all in little while!" Connor said.

     Connor walked behind us as we walked down the beach. Ross swung our arms back and fourth. We walked towards my house. We laughed and talked.

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