*Natalie's POV*

It had been a week since Kaden had told me about everything. And throughout that week Niall had been almost avoiding me.

I had tried to call him but he never answered. I'm sure he didn't do it on purpose though. I mean he's a gigantic celebrity and is on tour right now. I have to understand and not let it get to me.

But sometimes its hard.

"Natalie are you going to drink your shake?" Christy asked me, slurping up hers. "Oh, er, yeah I'm-" my phone vibrated on the table.

I picked it up to see Niall's name flashing on my phone. "Hey." I answered, annoyed that now he'd choose to call me.

"Hey. What you been up to?" He asked. I could tell he was outside because of the background noise.


"What's wrong?"

"Oh I don't know, my boyfriend decides to avoid me for the whole week maybe."

"Natalie did you forget I'm on tour?" He sighed as if annoyed by me.

"Niall did you forget I exist?" I snapped. I heard him mumble something but couldn't quite make out what it was. Christy looked worried as she heard Niall and I argue back forth over the phone.

Each sentence becoming meaner and meaner. "I'm not fucking dealing with you Natalie. Your pissing me off so much right now." He huffed.

"Your pissing me off too. And fine don't deal with me anymore then." I hung up the phone and slammed it to the table, frustrated and stressed.

"Everything okay?" Christy asked. I put my hand through my hair and nodded, sighing heavily and drinking my shake.

"If it helps, Keith and I are going through some rough patches too. I don't think its going to last any longer." "What about you and Harry?" I smiled.

"I don't know Nat, I think I want him but, I'm not sure." She said,  now poking at her empty cup.

"Well, hopefully everything will be okay soon." I smiled and gave her a hug before we headed out to work.


"Hello sir what brings you here today?" I asked the man that was sitting on the white hospital bed.

"My head," He squeezed just eyes shut momentarily. "Hurts really bad."

"Sharp pains or dull pains, sir?" "Sharp, very sharp like in the center of my head."

"Okay well we're going to run a few tests to make sure everything is okay up there. Do you have someone here with you?" He shook his head.

I nodded and left out of the room snapping at Christy and pointing to the room while I answered my phone.

"Hello? Nat?"

"Yes, this is She." I said, not paying attention to the familiar voice.

"Its me, Andrew."


if you dont remember Andrew he's in one of the chapters where Nat is in the hospital.

I think I may stop the story no one is really reading anymore when I'm ready to update. sorry. if I get over 5 reads from when I post this to the 25th of September , I'll keep going. If not then I'll stop the story but won't delete it.

Thanks love you.

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